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mood is sometimes expressed explicitly in or about a post, by the post author.


IndieWeb Examples

Ashton McAllan

Ashton McAllan has a basic implementation on which can display a mood name and a percentile mood value but currently lacks a smooth ui for entering mood value. She is developing the Moodkind wordpress plugin to add this mood tracking functionality to the Post Kinds Plugin for wordpress. Example post:

Silo Examples

  • Facebook - "... feeling ..."
  • LiveJournal - different icons/avatars per post to express mood
  • Jawbone Up - 8 icons from slumped to excited that you drag between to set your mood
Mood type. 1 = Amazing, 2 = Pumped UP, 3 = Energized, 8= Good, 4 = Meh, 5 = Dragging, 6 = Exhausted, 7 = Totally Done. NOTE: mood number 8 is out of sequence


List of moods used by LiveJournal

accomplished, aggravated, amused, angry, annoyed, anxious, apathetic, artistic, awake, bitchy, blah, blank, bored, bouncy, busy, calm, cheerful, chipper, cold, complacent, confused, contemplative, content, cranky, crappy, crazy, creative, crushed, curious, cynical, depressed, determined, devious, dirty, disappointed, discontent, distressed, ditzy, dorky, drained, drunk, ecstatic, embarrassed, energetic, enraged, enthralled, envious, exanimate, excited, exhausted, flirty, frustrated, full, geeky, giddy, giggly, gloomy, good, grateful, groggy, grumpy, guilty, happy, high, hopeful, horny, hot, hungry, hyper, impressed, indescribable, indifferent, infuriated, intimidated, irate, irritated, jealous, jubilant, lazy, lethargic, listless, lonely, loved, melancholy, mellow, mischievous, moody, morose, naughty, nauseated, nerdy, nervous, nostalgic, numb, okay, optimistic, peaceful, pensive, pessimistic, pissed, pleased, predatory, productive, quixotic, recumbent, refreshed, rejected, rejuvenated, relaxed, relieved, restless, rushed, sad, satisfied, scared, shocked, sick, silly, sleepy, sore, stressed, surprised, sympathetic, thankful, thirsty, thoughtful, tired, touched, uncomfortable, weird, working, worried

List of moods used by Facebook

accomplished, alone, amazed, amazing, amused, angry, annoyed, anxious, awake, awesome, beautiful, better, blah, blessed, blissful, bored, broken, chill, cold, concerned, confident, confused, content, cool, crappy, crazy, curious, cute, delighted, depressed, determined, disappointed, disgusted, down, drained, drunk, embarrassed, emotional, energised, entertained, excited, exhausted, fabulous, fantastic, fed up, festive, free, fresh, frustrated, full, funny, furious, good, grateful, great, happy, heartbroken, hopeful, hopeless, hot, hung-over, hungry, hurt, hyper, ill, impatient, incomplete, in love, inspired, irritated, joyful, lazy, lonely, lost, loved, lovely, low, lucky, meh, motivated, naughty, nervous, nostalgic, old, optimistic, pained, peaceful, perplexed, positive, proud, pumped, ready, refreshed, relaxed, relieved, sad, sarcastic, satisfied, scared, shattered, shocked, sick, silly, sleepy, sore, sorry, special, stressed, strong, stuffed, stupid, super, surprised, thankful, thoughtful, tired, upset, wonderful, worried

Existing Standards

Emotion Markup Language

W3C has Recommendation for an XML-based Emotion Markup Language:

Attempts at standards

Mood is defined in Activity Streams 1.0 Activity Schema. It has been removed in Activity Streams 2.0

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