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mood is sometimes expressed explicitly in or about a post, by the post author.

IndieWeb Examples

Ashton McAllan

Ashton McAllan has a basic implementation on which can display a mood name and a percentile mood value but currently lacks a smooth ui for entering mood value. She is developing the Moodkind wordpress plugin to add this mood tracking functionality to the Post Kinds Plugin for wordpress. Example post:

Aaron Parecki

At IndieWebCamp Austin 2019, Aaron Parecki added photo/emoji support to his website to add some mood/sentiment-based analysis to his posts. By adding specific emoji to his post, he can change the image in his h-card to provide a more context-based photo for each post he makes.

Ana Rodrigues

Ana Rodrigues has a small and manual implementation of showing: "Mood, thinking, doing, listening" at the end of blog posts. Currently these are set manually in the frontmatter of posts.

Silo Examples

  • Facebook - "... feeling ..."
  • LiveJournal - different icons/avatars per post to express mood
  • Jawbone Up - 8 icons from slumped to excited that you drag between to set your mood

Mood type. 1 = Amazing, 2 = Pumped UP, 3 = Energized, 8= Good, 4 = Meh, 5 = Dragging, 6 = Exhausted, 7 = Totally Done. NOTE: mood number 8 is out of sequence

  • - Tracks mood between 1-5: 1 = Terrible, 2= Bad, 3 = Okay, 4 = Good, 5 = Great


Gyroscope offers two ways to log moods in their Pro version of their app. Unlike normal mood logging rather than choosing a single mood from a list, they put the emotions on cards and have you swipe right or left if you are feeling it. Then it combines your selected emotions to give you a picture of your overall mood. (need screenshot examples)

  • the first is called Impatient mode. If claims it takes less than 10 seconds and has the following mood options listed to select from with emojis: Happy, Sad, Annoyed, Friendly, Healthy, Miserable, Nervous, Strong, Productive, Afraid, Angry.
  • the second is called Curious mode. It claims it takes a minute and collects more details on your mood. It presents the following options: Peaceful, Miserable, Confused, Annoyed, Inspired, Romantic, Loving, Strong, Healthy, Hostile, Caffiennated, Tense, Amused, Sleepy, Afraid, Exhausted, Social, Adventurous, Celebrating, Appreciated, Cheerful, Lonely, Friendly, Happy, Sad, Carefree, Nervous, Sage, Dissapointed, Discouraged, Energized, Tired, Late, Hungry, Drunk, Productive, Fashionable, Sick, Angry

List of moods used by LiveJournal

accomplished, aggravated, amused, angry, annoyed, anxious, apathetic, artistic, awake, bitchy, blah, blank, bored, bouncy, busy, calm, cheerful, chipper, cold, complacent, confused, contemplative, content, cranky, crappy, crazy, creative, crushed, curious, cynical, depressed, determined, devious, dirty, disappointed, discontent, distressed, ditzy, dorky, drained, drunk, ecstatic, embarrassed, energetic, enraged, enthralled, envious, exanimate, excited, exhausted, flirty, frustrated, full, geeky, giddy, giggly, gloomy, good, grateful, groggy, grumpy, guilty, happy, high, hopeful, horny, hot, hungry, hyper, impressed, indescribable, indifferent, infuriated, intimidated, irate, irritated, jealous, jubilant, lazy, lethargic, listless, lonely, loved, melancholy, mellow, mischievous, moody, morose, naughty, nauseated, nerdy, nervous, nostalgic, numb, okay, optimistic, peaceful, pensive, pessimistic, pissed, pleased, predatory, productive, quixotic, recumbent, refreshed, rejected, rejuvenated, relaxed, relieved, restless, rushed, sad, satisfied, scared, shocked, sick, silly, sleepy, sore, stressed, surprised, sympathetic, thankful, thirsty, thoughtful, tired, touched, uncomfortable, weird, working, worried

List of moods used by Facebook

accomplished, alone, amazed, amazing, amused, angry, annoyed, anxious, awake, awesome, beautiful, better, blah, blessed, blissful, bored, broken, chill, cold, concerned, confident, confused, content, cool, crappy, crazy, curious, cute, delighted, depressed, determined, disappointed, disgusted, down, drained, drunk, embarrassed, emotional, energised, entertained, excited, exhausted, fabulous, fantastic, fed up, festive, free, fresh, frustrated, full, funny, furious, good, grateful, great, happy, heartbroken, hopeful, hopeless, hot, hung-over, hungry, hurt, hyper, ill, impatient, incomplete, in love, inspired, irritated, joyful, lazy, lonely, lost, loved, lovely, low, lucky, meh, motivated, naughty, nervous, nostalgic, old, optimistic, pained, peaceful, perplexed, positive, proud, pumped, ready, refreshed, relaxed, relieved, sad, sarcastic, satisfied, scared, shattered, shocked, sick, silly, sleepy, sore, sorry, special, stressed, strong, stuffed, stupid, super, surprised, thankful, thoughtful, tired, upset, wonderful, worried

Existing Standards

Emotion Markup Language

W3C has Recommendation for an XML-based Emotion Markup Language:

Attempts at standards

Mood is defined in Activity Streams 1.0 Activity Schema. It has been removed in Activity Streams 2.0

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