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Pebble or the Pebble Watch was a smart watch that pairs to a mobile device via Bluetooth LE, and provides a very minimal low resolution black&white text & pixel display, has passive sensors (3D accelerometer, compass, ambient light), a vibration motor and four buttons. On 2016-12-07 Pebble announced they're shutting down and no longer manufacturing devices. [1]

The manufacturer currently supports interfacing with the iOS and Android operating systems.

App Store

Pebble announced on 2014-01-06 that they would be launching an app store. Pebble, from the beginning, has supported apps written in C with the use of their SDK. Many of these apps required the use of companion apps on the connected phone.

Since version 2.0 of the API, a javascript library permits Watchapps to access phone functions and the Internet directly.


  • Pebble is limited to the installation of 8 watchfaces/watchapps.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki uses a Pebble with to:

David Shanske

David Shanske has used a Pebble since 2013-12-16:


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