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pnut is a short-messaging social network silo in which messages have a limited length, and you can follow folks, and be followed by folks.

It's similar to and Twitter. Access was free by invite-only but since July 2017 membership is available without an invitation. The community is small, and sustainable as a hobby. Hopefully this can help it be an enjoyable, useful place.

Features include:

  • Posts are limited to 256 characters
  • Asymmetric following
  • Private messaging, group messaging, and arbitrary streams
  • 2017-07-25 v.0.6.0 of the service added microformats2 to posts and profiles blog post


Daniel Goldsmith used Marcus Povey's ADN plugin for Known to create a POSSE plugin for Known available on Github.

There is an issue filed to Bridgy to support backfeed in the future.

Indieweb members using the plugin to POSSE to pnut:

Indieweb members using pnut:

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