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real-time comments are the display of comments on a view of a post (typically on its permalink) as they are received by the post (presumably via webmention), without needing any explicit user reloading, refreshing, or any other tapping/clicking etc.

Real-time comments are one of several real-time interactions.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki uses p3k on post permalinks to show real-time comments since 2013-10-13.

Pelle Wessman

Pelle Wessman uses A WebMention Endpoint on post permalinks to show real-time comments since 2014-12-07.

Silo Examples

Real-time comments are a silo innovation.


Facebook was perhaps the first silo to implement real-time comments since 2012(?) at least, on both post permalinks, and sometimes on posts in a stream or in a collection.


Twitter, as of their mid-2014 front-end redesign, now supports (sometimes) showing real-time comments on tweet permalinks:

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