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September 18-25, 2020

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Resisting Complexity on My Site
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How I IndieWeb
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Post Kinds 3.4.0 Released
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Leveraging IndieWeb to Avoid Storing Others' Data
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Pushl v0.3.0, and some terminology changes
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Publ 0.6.6, Authl 0.4.0
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a post
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Publ v0.6.7 is out now. Various changes: Now using Poetry for the build system Cleaned up some Redirect-Url logic to cut down on the number of page load hops Renamed the main branch to main1 Bail out on files which repeatedly fail indexer fixups Default entry title and slug are now blank, rather than trying to guess from the filename Officially deprecated Python 3.5 support, which hasn’t worked for quite some time anyway Defer Authl loading, and other Authl-related changes to support the ...

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pup is a command line tool for parsing and transforming HTML using some CSS selectors.

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sponsors history

sponsors history is a timeline of IndieWebCamp sponsoring organizations and individuals past & present.

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A study post is a kind of post that can indicate one or more activities involved in the learning process.

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