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Domain of One's Own September Meetup was an event on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 9:00 - 10:20 AM (Pacific)


(a total of 21 attendees on Zoom)


Demo of Reclaim Cloud

Tim Owens gave us a 30 minute demo/walkthrough of some of the capabilities of the Reclaim Cloud environment

  • Google whitelisting domains might take a while.... But if you use Firefox, it can sometimes just make it less anxiety provoking.
  • Reclaim Cloud Community Forums:
  • Reclaim Hosting's Github:
  • Reclaim Cloud’s mission is to make pretty advanced tools user-friendly for the educational community.

Has a marketplace with one click install for a variety of applications.- similar to what users might be familiar with in Installatron. Things like

  • Allows the ability for one person to maintain (pay for) an account but give credentials to others to manage and make changes or hand over.
  • Can I get on that plan where Tim manages and pays for my sites but I get to peek and see? :-) LOL
  • Reclaim Hosting's GitHub account has the open source code for importing a variety of installers within Reclaim Cloud. These can be shared.
  • Visit to draw with the gang...
  • Trial accounts are free for 14 days to try things out


  • Pros/cons of cloud vs. shared? Cost comparisons?
  • I think I understand docker... but could someone explain it using very small words?


Ideas for next time

  • Syndicated gradebook Greg McVerry
  • one click blogging classroom installs Greg McVerry
  • Please touch base if you have an extended demo or topic you'd like to discuss for October.
  • We'll try to keep a Tuesday lunch-ish/morning (Eastern/Pacific) timeslot

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