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September 3-10, 2021

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Indieweb vs. Fediverse
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IndieAuth Popup – August 2021
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My search engine has moved to IndieWeb Search
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IndieWeb Search

IndieWeb Search is a search engine that lets you find web pages and websites created by IndieWeb community members.

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wrong on the internet

Wrong on the internet is the last phrase of XKCD #386, “Duty Calls”, a satirical comic expressing the difficulty of not arguing with someone making a mistaken statement on the internet, often on social media, however also on blogs or other independent websites.

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relevant to the IndieWeb wiki

Anything directly related to people with their own websites, such as technologies and services used, design and UX, formats and protocols, as well as events or podcasts are relevant to the IndieWeb wiki.

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The 1990s was a decade that saw the invention and growth of the web, dominated by independent websites, as well as nascent silos like Geocities, with a particular aesthetic that would come to define the era like under construction graphics, dancing animals, site counters, and guest books.

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An index is an organized list of information on a personal website potentially consisting of tags/categories, articles, locations, authors or related information to make it easier to find particular content on a site.

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cookie fatigue

Cookie fatigue is when a user becomes tired of dismissing seemingly useless cookie banners; simple solution for IndieWeb sites to avoid adding to cookie fatigue, don’t set cookies on your personal site.

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