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October 1-8, 2021

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IndieAuth for ProcessWire Development
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Publ v0.7.3 is now out, with the following changes: Properly handles markdown and HTML stripping in summary text Improves first-paragraph extraction for OpenGraph cards Reduces unnecessary image renditions for OpenGraph cards Finally deprecates the AUTHL_FORCE_SSL configuration setting Adds group display to the user information on the admin panel Fix the PyPI listing Make the image rendition cache purge mechanism actually, you know, work

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create day

create day is an IndieWeb event, usually the second day of an IndieWebCamp or its own virtual event, where community members gather to share what they’re creating for their site that day, get inspired, and collaborate when their projects overlap.

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SERP is short for a Search Engine Results Page, a feature of search engines including IndieWeb Search that describes search results or direct answers to questions answered using content in a search index.

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Homebrew Website Club Americas 2021-10-06 was an IndieWeb meetup on Zoom, and this page is an archive of the Etherpad notes.

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devoops is

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