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February 18-25, 2022

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Decentralized Bookshelves - Personal Libraries - IndieWeb Popup 2022
Book Identifiers - Personal Libraries - IndieWeb Popup 2022
Ad-Hoc Book Discussion Clubs - Personal Libraries - IndieWeb Popup 2022
Introduction and Session Scheduling - Personal Libraries - IndieWeb Popup 2022

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Django With Barcode and Qrcode
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Personal libraries next steps
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IndieWeb Personal Libraries PopUp Session
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I think boring websites like mine are possible for more people. It’s less a function of the expected number of visitors, but rather a function of its intended purpose. If your website has a well-defined purpose, maybe boring technology could be good for you. Same vibe here @Pseudomanifold #indieweb #boring tech Posté également sur IndieNews

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Manual of Me

A Manual of Me is a page for communicating your working preferences, motivations and needs, so others can better understand how to work with you.

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Audible is an Amazon company with subscription based audio books.

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Reply downvotes

Reply downvotes are a Twitter feature introduced in 2022 to allow users to downvote, symbolized by a down arrow ⬇, replies to tweets that “isn’t adding to the conversation”.

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