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A game play or simply play is a passive type of post used to publish a game (digital or otherwise) that you have played.

IndieWeb Examples


acegiak publishes her game plays using and as databases for url links for digital and non-digital games respectively. Plays are published as Game Plays under the Post_Kinds_Plugin taxonomy.

When playing games on the PC this process is automated with a python script on a cron job: Plays of other games such as boardgames and mobile games are published manually.

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich has posted "plays" to his site since 2018-01-04 and maintains a separate feed of them at Generally he expects to post them in a simple notelike manner with the name of the game potentially with a link and an optional photo. He does this using the Post Kinds Plugin for WordPress.

Related game play list examples

Related to want posts, but not quite posts themselves, a few folks keep lists of things they want to acquire or consume.

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett keeps a list of games he's played and would like to try:

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