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IndieWebCamp NYC 2016

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If you're in the process of setting up your personal site, or don’t have a personal site but want one, or want to create and contribute to the IndieWeb but don't know where to start, you’re still very welcome! Find a creator (either listed below, or ask on IRC) to team up with and ask them to add you as their apprentice. Then get your site setup with IndieAuth and edit your entry!


Venue Capacity: 15

  • Signed-up via
    • Wiki/Indie RSVP: 15
    • via Facebook only: ??
    • via Eventbrite only: ??
  • Spots remaining: 0


Name: Tantek Çelik (organizer) ✓

Organization: Mozilla

IndieWeb Projects: CASSIS JS∩PHP (on github), Whistle (URL shortener), Falcon (my CMS), RelMeAuth

Personal URL: http://tantek.com/

Elsewhere: @t, github.com/tantek

Name: David Shanske (organizer...unable to attend in person on Saturday due snow...in person on Friday) ✓

Name: Lara Fischer-Zernin (organizer) ✓

Organization: Mozilla

Personal URL: https://bigsounds.tumblr.com

Elsewhere: @LilFischNYC


Login to the wiki and add yourself here, alphabetically by full name.

If you also RSVP'd from your personal site to the (Indie Event link TBD), include the link to your RSVP post.

Name: benjamin melançon ✓ (arriving late around 11am on Friday - sorry, had expected to already be in NYC - and then going to Platform Cooperativism brown bag lunch an event well worth crashing - so if booting me makes space for another please do so)

Organization: Agaric

Name: Bridget Harrison ✓ (Saturday only)

Name: Emma Hodge ✓ (Sunday only, added by Tantek Çelik)

Organization: Dalberg Global Development Advisors

Name: Hillel Arnold ✓ (Saturday only)

Organization: Rockefeller Archive Center

Name: Jesse Chan-Norris ✓

Personal URL: http://jcn.me

Elsewhere: twitter

Name: Juliette Melton ✓ (Saturday only, added by Tantek Çelik)

Organization: New York Times

Name: Justin (Jay) Thomas ✓ (Saturday only, added by Tantek Çelik)

Organization: MetafitNYC

Personal URL:

Name: Mark Matienzo ✓

Organization: Digital Public Library of America

Name: Mark Wunsch ✓ (likely Friday only)

Personal URL: http://www.markwunsch.com/

Elsewhere: @markwunsch

Name: Paulo de Sousa ✓

Personal URL:  

Name: Tom Morris ✓

Personal URL: https://tommorris.org/

Elsewhere: github twitter

Name: Atul Varma

Personal URL: http://portfolio.toolness.org

Elsewhere: github twitter

Remote Participants

As with past IndieWebCamps, we'll setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the camp over IRC and hopefully live video.

Name: Aaron Parecki

Organization: Esri

IndieWeb Projects: p3k, webmention.io, IndieAuth, micropub

Name: Bear

Personal URL: https://bear.im

Elsewhere: @codebear

Name: Jason Garber

IndieWeb Projects: FrancisCMS

Name: Jeena

Personal URL: https://jeena.net

Elsewhere: @jeena

Personal URL: http://seblog.nl

Elsewhere: @sebsel

Name: Matt Knowlton

Personal URL: http://codemonkey.withknown.com

Elsewhere: @codemonkey

Name: Your Name

Personal URL: your domain

Elsewhere: @yourname

Expressed Interest Previously


Folks that can't make it (but hopefully can participate before/after remotely!)


No one is listed yet. Add yourself to the list using the attendee template!


Sorry to miss you! Hope you can attend a future IndieWebCamp!

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