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IndieWeb For All, Making it easier was a session at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019.


Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indiewebforall

IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019
Session: IndieWeb For All, Making it easier
When: 2019-09-28 14:50



Reference: Getting Started

1. Domain name

  • Difficult or confusing to someone who is not technical.
  • Could use sub domain names (like tumbler or square space) to use only some indie web auths
    • If you go down the sub domain names space, then you will be stuck, it is very difficult to migrate to your own domain name. End in cul-du-sac
  • Maybe eaisest is to go to a services that host and register domain name, all in one, one check, they do the magic to connect, then throw an index.html. Easy to go from here.

2. Service that supports Indie Web There is one! micro.blog

What is the goal of this discussion?

There is a difference between getting people to understand what IndieWeb is, and building your own websites, and hosting your content somewhere other than a silo.


  • Even for a online person who has made their own websites and have some understanding of code, very difficult for me to get my website working in certain ways.


  • it's a lifestyle, not a service.
  • Indieweb is still geeky. It is not ready for the masses. We shouldn't start with the assumption that it's ready for all.
  • The indieweb is still experimental art.
  • Indieweb is like learning math. The hard way.

I'm a software engineer and have my own website, so I went to webmentions.io and register and ???

I have Hugo.

IndieWeb Readers / Social readers: readers

Jacky Alcine (jacky.wtf) is building Koype

Why would anyone want to take this step?

A lot of people in Brazil understand internet as what is on your phone

Focusing the conversation on how to get already bought-in people easily in onto the indie web.

I saw people doing stuff on the internet, seeing success stories

Anna: I agree someone sees what someone is doing and says I want that

There are different audiences - "Micro.blog" turnkey/plug and play services - I know my CMS and want to indiewebify, how and what? - I want to code and tinker

New home page project for paths for each: 2019/homepage

If you use a CMS, there's likely a wiki page on it

In Berlin we do something called CSS Classes, there's an equivalent of that needed for Homebrew Website Clubs

Do you like making your own bread, well you can make your own website?

Some people like brewing their own beer or kombucha, the crafting experience

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