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Read posts / indiebookclub was a session at IndieWebcamp Online 2019.

Notes archived from https://etherpad.indieweb.org/readposts

IndieWebCamp Online 2019
Session: Read posts / indiebookclub
When: 2019-03-08 23:00 UTC



gRegor Morrill has opensourced indiebookclub

WorldCat or OpenLibrary for opensource book covers

At Austin discussion of micropub, he started thinking about an OwnYourReads type service

Chris Aldrich is consuming the Goodreads RSS feed in his backend, occasionally posts to his own site

  • RSS feed has title authors, tiny thumbnail

silo.pub has been down

dougbeal uses Kindle which pushes information into Goodreads

  • star rating and review at finish reading, gives option to syndicate to Goodreads

Highlighted or annotated pieces in Kindle, Goodreads picks it up as a private annotation, gives option to make it public.

  • Chris Aldrich has it on his list to check if there's an RSS / export for this

TODO for gregor:

  • βœ” add github / contact info to indiebookclub.biz
  • check on micro.blog usage numbers

PESOS options for read posts?

  • Eddie Hinkle uses Kindle a lot so Goodreads -> Micropub is an ideal use-case. The friction of typing a quote from a book is too great for me. lol.

Amazon Kindle app on Android lets you highlight text and share to any app source

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