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Introduction to IndieWeb: From the Why to the Building Blocks was a session at IndieWebCamp Online 2020.


Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/introblocks

IndieWebCamp Online 2020
Session: Introduction to IndieWeb: From the Why to the Building Blocks
When: 2020-02-08 17:30 UTC



  • Key Vocabulary (there are turnkey services that will do this stuff without you knowing)
    • endpoint
    • webmention
    • microsub
    • microformats
    • micropub
  • Using the building blocks presentation from 2018/Baltimore/Building_Blocks
  • It is a good idea to not end up at a subdomain, because it will make future moving so much harder. Example given: bob.wordpress.com.
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What is Indieweb?

Why Indieweb?

  • m2creates: I want to make it easier to communicate in multiple channels at once, while keeping my thoughts/content at a single origin point. Down with the silos! I also want to revive the plethora of content I had on Google+ from my archaeology research years.
  • Mike Zornek: I'm building a group website app and want to make it "indie" friendly.
  • Aaron Klemm: I want to see a decentralized Web where most current social features are available without corporate control. The usability/attraction etc. is right now the most interesting question for me and I want to contribute to that: how do we attract and onboard people easily.
  • Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks: I don't want to be beholden to a service that I can't control and that may disappear or change at a moment's notice. I don't like having to hold to what others decide is important to have in their service or not important, which may not connect to my views and usually has to do with what will make the most money for the company. I also just am really interested in learning how to do more with html and CSS and similar so I can do things myself rather than having to rely on someone else to do what I want.
  • Jack Jamieson: I want to use the Internet on my own terms. This means I want to make decisions about how I use the internet that reflect my own ethics, and not have to compromise with platforms whose values clash with my own.
  • DeltaWhy: I want to own my content and display it how I want. I want to build from scratch so I understand everything powering my site and can build tools to fit my own workflow.
  • AlisonW: Because posting to lots of locations - and remembering where - is annoying. "Write once, send everywhere" is what I want, and IW appears to offer that. There's only so many places one can re-discover by searching onesellf on google, etc.
  • Martijn van der Ven: wanting to continously play with what sort of things I share about myself online, and the IndieWeb Community gives me a great place to expeiment with multiple people.
  • Scott: What are the strategies to pull in a web mention to my personal site? I get confused on the basics.
  • Michael Beckwith: I want to own my data and identity more than I have in the past
  • Maxwell Joslyn: I enjoy the challenge of maintaining my own digital presence just the way I like it.
  • Vika: I want to have something I can call my own on the web. Implement features that no social networking site will ever consider because they sound "niche".

Scott: I don't want to get siloed on one CMS. I also want to get to the basics of http web technology. I'll focus on https://webmention.io/ during this event and see if I can understand it better. I'll keep notes and post them on my site here https://scottgruber.me/articles/connecting-to-the-indieweb

IndieWebify.Me https://indiewebify.me

How does it get sent out or pulled in automatically? Does is it use curl on a cron job?

So its using basic building blocks of the web. http protocol

What listens to a web mention on my own site?

See Also

GitHub Action that utilizes text files to publish tweets from a GitHub repository https://github.com/gr2m/twitter-together