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Nextcloud is an open source software project for self-hosted personal web services including a file manager (an indie version of Dropbox), music, calendar (CalDAV), contacts (CardDAV), and more. It was forked from ownCloud in early June 2016.

Video discussion and reasons for the fork.

IndieWeb Examples

  • Christian Weiske uses Nextcloud for file sharing, contact, calendar and note synchronization
  • Federico klez Culloca uses Nextcloud with Collabora plugin to keep a spreadsheet to handle home finances with his housemates
  • Vika uses Nextcloud for contact, calendar, sticky notes and file synchronization.
  • Jacky Alcinรฉ uses it for all of their hosted DAV needs (files, notes, tasks, calendar, etc).
  • Aaron Parecki uses Nextcloud for file syncing, sharing, contacts synced with iOS, and private notes
  • Ton Zijlstra uses NextCloud on a VPS as Dropbox replacement
  • Kelson Vibber uses Nextcloud for file syncing, contact, calendar, feed reader and notes.


Nextcloud functionality can be added through applications.

Nextcloud News

Nextcloud News provides an RSS aggregator and feed reader. It offers a RESTful API for app developers. Available in the Nextcloud App Store:

  • Might be worth looking into adding mf2 h-feed support to Nextcloud News โ€” assess how much work would it take, would the maintainers support it etc. โ€” Barnaby Walters

Nextcloud Tasks

Nextcloud Tasks provides task tracking and management, and syncs with popular desktop and mobile task management applications like 2Do.

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