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Chris Burnell

I’m a Canadian Front-End Developer working for Squiz and an Organiser for London Web Standards .

You can find me elsewhere online:

My IndieWeb Setup


OwnYourPint is an IndieWeb tool for syndicating Untappd checkins to your own website. OwnYourPint uses the Untappd API to poll your account every *n* minutes, and when new checkins are found, sends them to your Micropub endpoint to do with what you like (i.e. post)!


  • Authentication using IndieAuth
  • Associating an Untappd account with your own website
  • Polling the Untappd API for fresh data
  • Unpacking the data and preparing it to send as a Micropub POST request


  • Determining which checkins have/have not been POSTed to the Micropub endpoint
  • Sending the Micropub request
  • Handling the callback
  • Manually selecting checkins to POST to the Micropub endpoint
  • Turning *toasts* and *comments* on checkins into standalone pages to be sent as a Webmention to the post on one's own website
    • Including checkins which have already been posted on one's own website


  • Figure out a way to pull in likes, comments, and forks (?) from syndicated CodePen posts.