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Claudine Chionh


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Claudine is a former web developer now working for a community archive

Chat Nickname: claudinec


Generation X Web 1.0 former web developer and newbie archivist, now tinkering on my personal site for fun. In the past I've been involved in a number of communities and special interest groups encouraging diversity and inclusion in technology, including LinuxChix, Women in Drupal, Drupal Rainbow, and LGBTQ in Technology.

I was a professional Drupal and WordPress developer for a few years but now that I've changed careers I've returned to the simplicity of static websites. I built my first websites in the 1990s on GeoCities and on my university student web space (can't remember which came first). I've used claudinec as my primary nick since around 2001 and as my primary domain since 2010, but have not been diligent about keeping URLs permanent across the various iterations of my self-hosted sites. It's not great archiving practice but I'm resolved to do better now.

Current setup

  • static site generator: Hugo, source code in git
    • private gitolite repo on private home network with lots of abandoned drafts and experiments
    • public repo on GitHub for published main branch as well as thinking/drafting in public
  • web hosting: NearlyFreeSpeech (βœ… 2024-04-01 expand these pages with more info about NFSN)
  • deployment workflows:
    • develop/test locally, preview with hugo server or hugo build
    • deploy to production:
      • push code to GitHub
      • SSH to web host and pull from GitHub
      • run hugo build on web host