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comment problems commonly include spam, abuse, and other noise that can motivate switching to silo comment embeds, or turning off comments entirely.


Common complaints include:

  • Spam control
  • Moderation becomes overwhelming[1]
  • Inability to surface useful comments amidst noise [2]
  • Moving the conversation to a silo is 'easier' [citation needed]
  • Comments change how the post is interpreted by the reader [3]

POSSE and backfeed

If you POSSE to a silo and then backfeed comments on that POSSE copy, you may experience the same issues that the silo experiences in general, e.g.

  • Kevin Marks 2015-09-11..13 saw abusive tweets show-up on his site that were made in-reply-to the POSSE tweet copies of his indieweb posts about the 2015 XOXO conference and festival


  • Use webmention. For now, spam and the other mentioned problems has not been a problem with purely indieweb webmentions, likely because webmention is not widespread enough to be a target.

Note: if you POSSE and backfeed, especially using a backfeed to webmention service like Bridgy, you may receive spam and other abuse via webmentions from Bridgy from silo posts.

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