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December 17-24, 2021

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Renaming Indigenous
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Handwriting my Website with a Digital Amanuensis
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Announcing indieweb-utils
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Deeply-weird privacy people update
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who is the IndieWeb? We are a community based on shared principles, made up of people using our personal websites for our online identity, content, and peer-to-peer interactions. We actively collaborate and help each other in discussions and regular events to advance the independent web and provide on-ramps for people of all levels to join.

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identity loss

identity loss on the web is when someone loses their account(s), domains, and/or usernames for any reason, and one of the notions why it's better to focus on a presence where you are in control while treating social media only as an ephemeral distribution mechanism.

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POSER is short for Post On Socials Essentially Rants, a tongue-in-cheek mockery of the practice of posting rants on silos, often about centralization or social media, usually claiming technical expertise, without creating or using a personal site instead.

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IndieWeb Utils

IndieWeb Utils is a library that contains a set of building blocks for creating IndieWeb applications in Python, developed by capjamesg.

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DEV or is a silo-based community of software developers that uses their platform for discovery, publishing articles and networked learning about programming and development topics.

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Next.js is a JavaScript framework developed by Vercel and a community of open-source contributors that may be used to develop a personal website.

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Rocketbook is a company with a digital notebook product with optical character recognition that can be used for handwriting posts and publishing them to one's website.

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IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2022 are stand-alone single topic sessions originally started in 2020, partly in response to the coronavirus pandemic that prevented the long history of regularly occurring in-person camps in various cities.

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