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who is the IndieWeb? We are a community based on shared principles, made up of people using our personal websites for our online identity, content, and peer-to-peer interactions. We actively collaborate and help each other in discussions and regular events to advance the independent web and provide on-ramps for people of all levels to join.


We advance the independent web by developing specifications and building blocks for people to use on their personal websites, documenting discussions and examples, and building a community of people with their own websites.


The IndieWeb is guided by a set of key principles.

In the spirit of building together, keeping decisions transparent, making participation accessible, and documenting progress and process, the IndieWeb community communicates using tools that are open and archivable. This wiki is a commons, editable by all.

Our community code of conduct prioritizes respect and safety.

Who We Are


The IndieWeb community is an informal collective with events run by volunteers. Events include IndieWebCamps, IndieWebCamp pop-ups, Create Days, and Homebrew Website Clubs.

Current Organizers

The Community

The IndieWeb is a diverse, inclusive community of people from around the world with a broad range of skills and interests, united by the vision of an independent web.

We welcome everyone to participate, contribute, and share ideas at events, in chat, and in the IndieWeb wiki.

Community members

Join the IndieWeb

For your website to be part of the IndieWeb, it should run on your own personal domain.

You do not need to already have your own website to participate in chat or events. We invite you to come learn, or explore our getting started guide.


Main article: timeline

The IndieWeb was founded in 2010, with the first IndieWebCamp held in 2011.


The IndieWeb is funded by donations from individuals and organizations. IndieWebCamps accept monetary and in-kind sponsorships.


We need a proper "about" page that describes "who are the people behind this site, why are we here on this site in particular", with links to broader reasons why IndieWeb etc.

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  • Goal: a page we can link to from the top bar (including the home page) that newcomers would click to find out more about the people behind the site
  • Possible link text for linking to this page: "who we are"
  • Goal: answer questions or provide information that helps newcomers determine "if this is an official / verified thing" or how "official" vs informal is this
  • Highlight regular & recent organizers by name (& in-context photo if possible), e.g. from past 2-3 years of HWC and IWC events
  • Highlight organizers who recently/regularly help out in chat, especially with newcomers
  • ^ then link to chat-names for the comprehensive list of who participants who have chosen to add themselves to that list
  • Brainstorming: get inspiration from about#Organization_Examples