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IndieWebCamp UK 2014

Official Guest List

If you have a personal site If you want a personal site
Are you a Creator (create & share design, UI/UX, and/or code)? Either: add yourself to the guest list by Logging in with your own domain, or Publish a post saying that you're coming with a link to this RSVP page and send a pingback to it. If you're in the process of setting up your personal site, or don’t have a personal site but want one, or want to create and contribute to the IndieWeb but don't know where to start, you’re still very welcome! Find a creator (either listed below, or ask on IRC) to team up with and ask them to add you as their apprentice. Then get your site setup with IndieAuth and edit your entry!

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Venue Capacity: 60

  • signed-up: 27
  • spots remaining: 33

Alphabetically sorted by full display name.

Name: Al Power

IndieWeb Projects: community events - UXOxford (past events) and in past DesignJam Oxford. WebDev & Avid photographer. Keen to get data out of silos.

Personal URL: http://alpower.com/

Elsewhere: alpower @ twitter, flickr, instagram, github

Name: Andrew Marks

Organization: KCL Theatre

IndieWeb Projects: Theatre productions, podcasts, mixes and mashups, Film reviews.

Name: Aral Balkan

Organization: ind.ie

IndieWeb Projects: (Indie Tech projects) ind.ie/manifesto, ind.ie/phone

Personal URL: https://aralbalkan.com/

Elsewhere: @aral

Name: Aron Carroll

Organization: Hypothesis

Personal URL: https://aroncarroll.com/

Name: Barnaby Walters

IndieWeb Projects: Taproot indieweb tools, php-mf2 parser, webaction toolbelt, indieweb algorithm implementations

Personal URL: http://waterpigs.co.uk/

Elsewhere: “barnabywalters” on various silos

Name: Brian Suda

IndieWeb Projects: H2V

Personal URL: http://suda.co.uk/

Elsewhere: “briansuda” on various silos

Name: Calum Ryan

IndieWeb Projects: Culturebook

Personal URL: http://calumryan.com/

Elsewhere: @calum_ryan, instagram

Name: Chris Asteriou

Apprentice Of: Barnaby Walters

Personal URL: http://digitalbliss.uk.com

Elsewhere: @digitalblissltd

Name: Glenn Jones

IndieWeb Projects: transmat, microformats-node, identengine

Personal URL: https://glennjones.net/

Elsewhere: github, twitter

Name: Grant Richmond

Organization: Terminal Pixel

IndieWeb Projects: Developer Share Buttons

Personal URL: http://grant-richmond.com/

Elsewhere: gfrichmond and terminalpixel all over

Name: Hadley Beeman

Apprentice Of: Tantek Çelik

Personal URL: http://hadleybeeman.net/

Elsewhere: Saturday only. Also @hadleybeeman.

Name: HE Cavanagh

Name: Jeremy Keith

Organization: Clearleft

IndieWeb Projects: small snippets of PHP and HTML for webmentions and POSSEing

Personal URL: http://adactio.com/

Elsewhere: adactio@twitter, github, flickr, dribbble, huffduffer, instagram, findings, ffffound, readlists

Name: Joschi Kuphal

Organization: tollwerk

IndieWeb Projects: indieweb TYPO3 extension (currently featuring webmentions), micrometa (microformats / microdata meta parser)

Personal URL: http://jkphl.is/

Elsewhere: @jkphl on twitter & github

Name: Kevin Beynon

Name: Nat Welch

IndieWeb Projects: tumble.io

Personal URL: http://natwelch.com/

Elsewhere: @icco, github.com/icco

Name: Pelle Wessman

Organization: Bloglovin

IndieWeb Projects: A WebMention Endpoint, relspider

Personal URL: http://kodfabrik.se/

Elsewhere: @voxpelli on github, twitter, blog

Name: Peter Molnar

IndieWeb Projects: wordpress-syndication contributor

Personal URL: https://petermolnar.eu/

Elsewhere: petermolnar@twitter

Name: Robin Taylor

IndieWeb Projects: Displaying photography and narratives, looking for solutions to keep a record of group discussions

Name: Rosa Fox

Organization: Happy Bear Software

Personal URL: http://techfox.co.uk

Elsewhere: @rosaemerald

Name: Sam Machin

IndieWeb Projects: http://talkproject.org/

Personal URL: http://sammachin.com

Elsewhere: @sammachin

Name: Shane Hudson

IndieWeb Projects: Personal website currently using Wordpress

Name: Tantek Çelik

Organization: Mozilla

IndieWeb Projects: CASSIS JS∩PHP (on github), Falcon (my personal site publishing software), Whistle (URL shortener), RelMeAuth

Personal URL: http://tantek.com/

Elsewhere: @t, github.com/tantek

Name: Tim Retout

IndieWeb Projects: Currently packaging pump.io for Debian

Personal URL: http://retout.co.uk/

Elsewhere: github.com/diocles

Name: Tom Morris

IndieWeb Projects: Ferocity, mf2py

Name: Yasuhisa Hasegawa

IndieWeb Projects: Content Worksheet (Content stuff), Automagic (Podcast), and blog

Name: Zaheda Bhorat

Apprentice Of: Michiel Leenaars

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Remote Participants

As with past IndieWebCamps, we'll setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the camp over IRC and hopefully live video.

Name: Aaron Parecki

Organization: Esri

IndieWeb Projects: p3k, webmention.io, IndieAuth, micropub

Name: Kevin Marks

IndieWeb Projects: known, noterlive, unmung

Personal URL: http://t37.net

Elsewhere: @fdevillamil


Folks that can't make it (but hopefully can participate before/after remotely!)


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Missed You

Sorry to miss you folks - hopefully you can make it next year!


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