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2016-review is a list of indieweb and indiewebcamp accomplishments for all of 2016, as well as indieweb related news in 2016.

THIS IS VERY MUCH A WORK IN PROGRESS. Please help by adding to the below sections, and adding whole sections from 2015-review and 2014-review!.

IndieWeb Examples

Blog what you got done on your personal indieweb site in 2016, and add a link here!

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2014's grid of everyone who went to an IndieWebCamp looked great - let's make another one for 2016.

Grid of all the people who attended *any* 2016 IndieWebCamp from the Guest_List pages, with their names and domain names underneath their photos - everything linked to their domain.

IN PROGRESS. Please add yourself if you participated in an IndieWebCamp in 2016, and feel free to add all others from any IndieWebCamp 2016 Guest List as well!

Please also help with ordering alphabetically by fullname - helps to avoid duplicates!

Aaron Parecki aaronparecki.com

Amy Guy rhiaro.co.uk

Asher Silberman ashersilberman.com

Barry Frost barryfrost.com

Ben Roberts ben.thatmustbe.me

Ben Werdmuller werd.io

Bret Comnes bret.io

Calum Ryan calumryan.com

Cassie Traun cassie.wtf

Chris Aldrich boffosocko.com

David Shanske david.shanske.com

Dora indiewebcat.com

Emma Kuo notenoughneon.com

Glenn Jones glennjones.net

gRegor Morrill gRegorLove.com

Jeena Paradies jeena.net

Jeffrey Scudder http://rey.sc/

Jeremy Keith adactio.com

Jesus Noland jesusnoland.com

Jocelyn Simpson jocelynsimpson.com

Joschi Kuphal jkphl.is

Kevin Marks kevinmarks.com

Kyle Mahan kylewm.com

Marc Thiele marcthiele.com

Marty McGuire martymcgui.re

Neal Fultz http://www.stat.ucla.edu/~neal.fultz/

Paul Lloyd paulrobertlloyd.com

Peter Molnar petermolnar.eu

Rachel Upshaw No URL provided

Sandro Hawke w3.org/People/Sandro

Sevil Turner sevilturner.com

Tantek Çelik tantek.com



Record Numbers of Things


2016/ had ??? more in-person IndieWebCamp than 2015:

Homebrew Website Club

(Get info from Homebrew Website Club page re: # of days, # of cities, and details for each)

2016 was the third full year of the Homebrew Website Club (HWC), met on ??? days across ??? cities: San Francisco, Portland, New York, Brighton, Göteborg, Malmö, Edinburgh, ... (how to sort these?)

Welcome to our new regular Homebrew Website Club chapters!

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2016 had good press coverage of IndieWebCamp and the IndieWeb as a whole. Most notably:

  • ... ???

See more articles about the IndieWeb in 2015.


2016 had several IndieWeb related talks being given at conferences by community members. Here are a few of them ranging from introductory to technical:

  •  ????-??-??
  • ...


Other Years

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