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Guest List for attendees of IndieWeb Summit 2017.

Please register for a ticket at https://2017.indieweb.org and then add yourself to the guest list here.

Official Guest List

If you have a personal site If you want a personal site
Are you a Creator? Do you create & share
copywriting, graphics, design, UI/UX, and/or code?

Add yourself to the guest list publishing an RSVP post in reply to the event page and send it a webmention!
If you're in the process of setting up your personal site, or don’t have a personal site but want one, or want to create and contribute to the IndieWeb but don't know where to start, you’re still very welcome! You can register for a ticket at https://2017.indieweb.org

Venue Capacity: 50

  • Signed-up via
  • Spots remaining: 11
  • Note: these numbers are updated manually by editing this page and may not reflect the actual number of tickets registered on the event page.

Participant Projects

Adding yourself here is OPTIONAL.

If you'd like to share what projects you're working on, or other links etc., login to the wiki and add yourself here with the handy attendee template!

Alphabetically sorted by full display name.

Name: gRegor Morrill

IndieWeb Projects: ProcessWire Webmention and IndieAuth plugins, improving php-mf2, improving the wiki experience

Name: Tantek Çelik

Organization: Mozilla

IndieWeb Projects: CASSIS JS∩PHP (on github), Whistle (URL shortener), Falcon (my CMS), RelMeAuth

Personal URL: http://tantek.com

Elsewhere: @t, github.com/tantek


Remote Participants

As with past IndieWebCamps, we'll setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the camp over IRC and hopefully live video.

Name: Eli Mellen

IndieWeb Projects: PneumaticPost

Personal URL: https://eli.li

Elsewhere: @eli_oat

Name: Eddie Hinkle

IndieWeb Projects: abode, indigenous

Personal URL: https://eddiehinkle.com

Elsewhere: @eddiehinkle

Name: Martijn van der Ven

IndieWeb Projects: personal website, microformats, …

Personal URL: http://vanderven.se/martijn/

Elsewhere: licit.li


Folks that can't make it (but hopefully can participate before/after remotely!)


Sorry to miss you! Hope you can attend a future IndieWebCamp!

RSVPs from Facebook

RSVPs received on to the Facebook event (and not represented in an earlier section)