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Indigenous is a set of native apps for iOS, Android currently in beta that supports posting your website using Micropub and a built-in reader that supports Microsub and ActivityPub (Android only). A cross-platform application is also available.



The android version is being developed by Kristof De Jaeger and can be found here.


The Desktop version is being developed by Kristof De Jaeger and can be found at A video with features of the first release is available at


The iOS project is under active development by Eddie Hinkle and can be found here.

How to download

The iOS app is currently available for Pre-Order in the iOS App Store (for free). You can pre-order it here

The Android app is available on Google Play and F-Droid

The desktop app is available at for Windows, macOS and Linux.


If you have ideas/know of bugs, feel free to open up GitHub issues here for iOS or here for Android


Issues in general about Indigenous, not particular to a specific implementation (see GitHub issues links above for that).


As brought up in HWC 2020-08-05:

What do people think of advocating for renaming Indigenous to something else?

The apps have nothing to do with actual indigenous people, and as such, the use of the term "Indigenous" is a kind of misappropriation, especially of/from a marginalized group.

Similar to the renaming of sports teams that have indigenous people based names that are unrelated, e.g. Washington Red Skins, Cleveland Indians, etc., the Indigenous apps should be renamed as well.

More reading:

Note from the original creator Eddie Hinkle: I don't feel that "misappropriation" is the right term, as the word indigenous is an adjective with many meanings. Unlike sports teams and companies that create names for things from a specific culture or cultural identity the app wasn't named after indigenous people, but instead happens to use the same adjective as that noun. The apps were named because they were "innate; inherent; natural" (a dictionary definition) to the iOS platform. That said, while it's not misappropriation, I haven't been in love with the name for awhile and am fine with changing it, as being considerate of people's feelings are more important than a silly app name.

Naming thoughts and ideas

  • +1 Tantek Çelik yes to renaming. no real ideas yet, maybe IndieWeb Social Reader or Social Reader for short as a temporary placeholder? Update: I’d also prefer something at least semi-unique and searchable.
  • +1 Eddie Hinkle yes to renaming. No ideas though.
  • +1 Chris Aldrich to renaming. Ideas:
    • Watercooler
    • Lunchroom (Touches on both "food/feeding" and the social conversation ideas)
    • Commissary
    • Barn Dance
    • Pain Quotidien (or in English: Daily Bread) (We all need our social interactions and touches on the feeding bit again)
  • +1 Ana Rodrigues yes to renaming - ideas:
    • Freewheel (I was chatting with a friend and I looked up "independent" on thesaurus and "freewheeling" was there which sounds a bit odd but we thought that "freewheel" doesn't sound too bad?)
  • +0 Kristof De Jaeger I don't have strong feelings about the name. I just adopted it because it kind of felt good to have a consistent name for an IndieWeb reader across all platforms. No ideas for the name either. Note: I'm thinking to search for a new maintainer (for all platforms actually), so if anyone feels up for the task, give me a shout! Note: updated the +1 to a more neutral one. I'm also non native English and I never had any problems with it. I also originally thought that the first part ('Indi') was referring to IndieWeb in general :) I agree with Peter that, in case a new name is chosen, it should be very unique.
  • +0 Peter Molnar from non native English speaker perspective, the meaning of the word is OK - but for some reason, it's stupidly hard to remember the correct spelling. The benefit, however, is that it's unique. Please keep it that way, so searching for the app doesn't show anything else that it could be mistaken for.
  • +1 Jacob Hall I understand that the name isn't terribly problematic, but I question if it invokes the right ideas of what the IndieWeb is about. I want to demonstrate IndieWeb technologies, celebrate others' work, and bring friends into the IndieWeb without needing to explain why the app is called Indigenous.
  • ...

Naming opinions

In alphabetical order. Please +1/0/-1 vote for the ones you like/meh/dislike with a brief reason why

  • Barn Dance (or Barndance, more searchable)
    • +0 Tantek Çelik sounds fun, yet perhaps would work better for a video "reader", like an IndieWeb version of TikTok
    • ...
  • Commissary
  • Freewheel
    • +1 Tantek Çelik I really like this one. Great logo opportunities, and possible mottos too, like "Your bicycle for the IndieWeb". Fairly searchable too for web / reader contexts.
    • ...
  • IndieWeb Social Reader
  • Ingenious
    • +1 Tantek Çelik — this will be recognizable as similar to the old name, probably better retention of current users. Also social readers are quite ingenious so the name is fitting :)
    • +1 Sebastiaan Andeweg – with my limited knowledge of English I first thought the reader was called this already. I find this a very good replacement.
    • ...
  • Lunchroom
    • +1 Tantek Çelik — this is playful, fun, and looks looks pretty clear of any conflicts
    • ...
  • Social Reader
  • Watercooler
  • SoWeReIn - Social Web Reader for Indieweb
    • Peter Molnar why not an acronym? Except I'm not too great with acronyms.
    • ...
  • Scrivener
    • +1 Peter Molnar I checked for obscure synonyms on 'scribe', this is a surprisingly nice fit.
    • ...
  • ...

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