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2018 Guest Book is an optional place for IndieWeb Summit 2018 attendees to add themselves and what projects they are working on, it is not representative of actual IndieWeb Summit participants.

Guest Book

Adding yourself here is OPTIONAL.

If you'd like to share what projects you're working on, or other links etc., login to the wiki and add yourself here with the handy attendee template!

Alphabetically sorted by full display name.

Name: Aaron Parecki

IndieWeb Projects: p3k, IndieAuth spec

Personal URL: https://aaronpk.com

Elsewhere: @aaronpk, github.com/aaronpk

Name: Don Park

Personal URL: https://donp.org

Elsewhere: GitHub,

Name: Jacky Alciné

Organization: Lob

IndieWeb Projects: IndieMark Scanner

Name: Tantek Çelik

Organization: Mozilla

IndieWeb Projects: CASSIS (source), Whistle, Falcon

Name: Michael Toomim

IndieWeb Projects: statebus

Name: Caleb Matthiesen

Organization: Invisible College

Personal URL: https://calebkm.com

Indie RSVP: https://goo.gl/NF5TPj

Elsewhere: Github, LinkedIn

Remote Participants

As with past IndieWebCamps, we'll setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the camp over chat and hopefully live video.

Name: Myles Braithwaite

Organization: Monkey in your Soul

Personal URL: https://mylesb.ca/

Elsewhere: @mylesb, github.com/myles

Name: Eddie Hinkle

IndieWeb Projects: Indigenous for iOS

Name: Scott Gruber

Organization: UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

IndieWeb Projects: How to start a new Homebrew club.

Name: Martijn van der Ven

IndieWeb Projects: selfauth, Mintoken, Sink, vHWC

Personal URL: vanderven.se/martijn/

Indie RSVP: On Grapefruit


Folks that can't make it (but hopefully can participate before/after remotely!)


Sorry to miss you! Hope you can attend a future IndieWebCamp!