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Demos for IndieWebCamp Berlin 2019 took place May 5, 2019.

Martijn van der Ven and Rosemary Orchard


  • no website yet
  • Spent the day thinking about a domain. And finally decided to code the site without having a domain
  • Wrote a very simple WIP IndieAuth implementation being tested with Omnibear (web extension for Firefox)
  • Then nothing happens as website not online

Chris Adams

  • http://blog.chrisadams.me.uk
  • Shows how he has created an issue against a WP plugin for greenness checking – to see if they can come up with a good automated scheme
  • Now showing code that takes a domain name and will show whether it is known to be green
  • Also worked on a tool that does a trace on the domain, following all the hops. Giving people a better idea of infrastructure
  • “Most of the internet runs on coal right now”
  • His projects are on GitHub for people to help with

Ian Forrester

  • https://cubicgarden.com
  • Came in late today, and went on to try IndieAuth
  • Showing the IndieAuth flow starting at indieauth.com, but it ends in an error when approving access
  • Also added the Green Web Foundation badge to his site

Calum Ryan

  • Calum Ryan, https://calumryan.com
  • did not do “anything inovative” this time
  • Added an exra field for alt attribute on photos, and it should also go out to Twitter through bridgy
  • Implemented part of the map for his events page
  • Should have both upcoming and previous events, possible option to add coverage of said events
  • Relaunched indiewebguides.org
  • Showing of how you can search for specific terms etc

Toni Mattis

  • http://toni.mattis.berlin
  • Another Green Web Foundation badge! And a big “yes” from Chris!
  • Build a new Python implementation from scratch to do IndieAuth, because he couldn’t find another Python implementationg
  • Shows how he can sign in to the wiki


  • http://glueckpress.com
  • He “installed all the things”
  • Worked on including the author h-card on his site, got it added to his footer
  • Then worked on a PR to an IndieWeb WordPress plugin to get the plugin to use an actual template file
  • Which means you can now overwrite the default from the plugin from your own theme, where the HTML should probably live anyway
  • Got his photo to show on the indie RSVP on 2019.indieweb.org/berlin
  • Custom WP plugin he used, from #indieweb-wordpress: https://gist.github.com/glueckpress/23549f9d381f16c1114c7887de77f063

Sebastian Greger

  • Sebastian Greger, https://sebastiangreger.net/
  • Showing his site, running on WordPress, but he is in the process of moving to Kirby
  • The problem is missing out on the indieweb plugins’ functionality
  • There was webmention code for the previous version of Kirby, but nothing for the new version 3
  • He has been working on a new webmention flow
  • Decided to split into two separate plugins: sending webmentions, and incoming webmentions (and comments)
  • Live test of creatng a post with a link to a webmention.rocks test page
  • It showed up on Webmention Rocks! Success!
  • The Kirby backend will also show URLs it has sent mentions to
  • Build a comment form for the posts as well, which is not something Kirby offers
  • Has a comment moderation feed behind that, where he will need to manually approve comments first
  • Incoming webmentions (should be the same as people leaving comments on the page) but were trickier
  • Incoming webmentions are made to be processed asynchronously
  • Shows how a webmention has now shown up in the same moderation queue!
  • (Aside: it also pings archive.org)
  • Just an hour ago it worked for the first time after weeks of work

Jan Dinter

  • http://jandinter.net - now has an h-card
  • he also played with the styling to get a little easter egg going!

David Shanske

  • David Shanske, https://david.shanske.com
  • Has been working on the IndieAuth WP plugin to give a better experiences
  • You can now create tokens in the WP back-end with any arbitrary scopes you may want to add
  • Also added bulk actions, which lets you expire tokens en masse
  • Worked on including the authorization header checking script as a more native part of WP
  • Showing what happens when the Authorization header is missing: which includes the lines you may need for htaccess

Tantek Çelik

  • Tantek Çelik, https://tantek.com
  • showing how his website is no longer matrix style (as during intros)
  • but back to normal. But there is now a quick icon you can click if you want to get it back
  • this is using a class and css variables
  • This makes it easy to add new styling over time
  • Now looking into how the style can keep being applied to all permalinks within the site

Peter Molnar

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