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Discovery on the indieweb was a session at IndieWebCamp Utrecht 2019.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/discovery

IndieWebCamp Utrecht 2019
Session: Discovery on the indieweb
When: 2019-05-18 16:35



  • how do we make this the year of discovery?
  • how do we build an indieweb version of Nuzzel?
  • Discovery: micro.blog has hand curated feed - just 1 person, community manager of micro.blog
    • some downsides - 1 person, 1 timezone, can mostly serve on US times
    • but lots of positives - potentially avoid negativity, nsfw content
  • new are the emoji-feeds: feeds that work based on emoji people use. These tagmoji are restricted; the decision to have a tagmoji lies with micro.blog
  • also a photos feed at /discover/photo; does not include photos that have come in from a non-hosted site via a feed.
  • muted people are filtered out
  • aaron has a page - aaronpk.com/emoji - profile pic changes based on emoji in the post
  • seb also has this on his site - seblog.nl/emoji
  • stream.indieweb.org - public indieweb feed - comes from aaron's aperture, curated by aaron
    • similar to micro.blog in that it is curated - except aaron curates who goes in to the feed, and only for #indieweb hashtag (or link to indieweb.org)
  • indiewebring is another way of discovering people - clicking on the links in the webring takes you to a new person in the ring
  • belong.io - an example that needs adding to the discovery page (andy baio of xoxo festival)
    • links from people that he follows that are talked about or interacted with a lot
  • ( Ton Zijlstra: I have a Twitter harvester running for hashtags of interest, get the links from them rank them by usage today / last week, and resolve shortened links to indicate types (video, presentation, pdf, blog etc.)
    • similar to Nuzzel approach
  • would you rather be addicated to facebook/twitter or the indieweb?
    • on facebook you know you are being played with
  • another example: bulletin.p3k.io/indieweb
    • similar to belong.io - links mentioned in the indieweb channel - sorted by recency and how many people are talking about it
  • discovery vs discoverability - how you want to be discovered
  • can you follow a particular hashtag?
  • indieweb.xyz
    • people can submit based on a particular topic
    • it could be combined with curation
  • kickscondor.com/hrefhunt
    • personal websites that he thinks are cool and worth sharing
  • automationorchard.com
    • python scripts pulling from rss feeds
    • manually built list of websites to be included
  • https://seblog.nl/2018/10/22/13/three-things-about-readers
    • graph db - neo4j
    • looks at feeds and pulls the likes from it
    • captures who likes different posts
    • both aaron and seb like a particular tweet
    • the db can be queried to pull out posts with greater number of tweets
    • seb discovered joschi through seeing a like from someone else
    • you can see likes from the feeds that you follow
    • could also work on links, bookmarks, etc - doesn't have to just be likes
    • would like to let you 'choose your own algorithm'
    • github.com/sebsel/leesmap
    • one in laravel and one in elixir
  • aaron: separating readers in to smaller projects helped build it
    • same could be done for discovery
    • split the problem into smaller projects
      • algorithm is one of the hard parts
    • could existing building blocks help?
      • maybe websub - could be used as part of building a crawler
  • Ton Zijlstra publishes an opml list of the feeds I follow, so others can explore that.

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