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Personal Website Demos at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020.

Manton Reece

  • Manton Reece, https://manton.org
  • been doing a lot of photos lately, photo challenge on micro.blog
  • has a page for replies to other people
  • not sure what's next, probably something more with replies
  • loves blogging, tries to blog every day

Jean MacDonald

Chris Aldrich (remote)

Brian Schrader

Tom Brown

Grant Hutchins

  • Grant Hutchins, https://nertzy.com/
  • rel-me links to his places elsewhere on the web
  • shows his micro.blog. Posted earlier about Natalie's keynote and she replied on m.b. with an emoji
  • first reply he's gotten
  • shows an old blog he wrote in static HTML
  • "this news page is so old I renamed the file to olds.html"

Dave Millar

David Shanske (remote)

Jack Wellborn

Joe Masilotti


  • http://constantine.su
  • demos his responsive site, some elements hide at smaller resolutions to prevent vertical scrolling

Cornelius Toole

Ben Scheirman

  • http://benscheirman.com
  • has tried probably about 10 different blogging platforms, careful to preserve permalinks
  • started to care a bit less about old posts, e.g. nobody wants to know what he ate for lunch 12 years ago
  • currenlty running on Ghost
  • makes Swift screencasts
  • does video encoding himself
  • also has the Disqus comment issue

Juan Sierra

Brian Smith

  • newbie programmer, was in the automotive field
  • redesigning his wife's site, http://1proof.com
  • here to learn and open to any advice



gRegor Morrill

  • gRegor Morrill, https://gregorlove.com
  • blogging since ~2002
  • last couple of years trying to own photos on his own site
  • still posts to Instagram
  • recent thing he did, unifying his site header, wanted to make it more responsive
  • zooms in and out
  • wanted it to work without JS
  • used some CSS which he'll link to
  • uses an anchor tag for navigation, with focus on that triggers it

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