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2020/West/Organizers is a half-day pre-meetup of IndieWebCamp Organizers to finish planning last minute details of IndieWebCamp West, and discuss community dynamics and other Organizer issues.

They have traditionally, when occurring on West Coast time, been early enough to permit European participation. Meeting will be online only, using the IndieWeb Zoom account.

2020-06-26: 9:30-13:00 Organizers Meeting. Duration may be extended if all wish.


Similar to 2019/Organizers, the Organizers sessions are open to everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp from 2017-2020, planning an IndieWebCamp later this year, or co-organized at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups during those years, and posted at least one meetup photo.

If you’re not sure, ask an organizer or in the #indieweb-meta chat.


RSVP via the Events page at https://events.indieweb.org/2020/06/indiewebcamp-west-2020-organizers-meeting-t78xoeCV2WCB. Eligible individuals will be advised of the Zoom link.


Specific Topics for IWC West 2020

  • The Friday Night Pre-Party and how we might do social events online as people physically isolate.
  • How many Zoom rooms we need for IWC West 2020?
  • 'Hallway' Track - do we want to have a room set up for this. Could be on Meet, Jitsi, etc if we don't want to open up another Zoom account.
  • If we have breakout rooms, someone needs to manage them as the host.
  • How to have online version of our previous photo policy
    • Generally ask, but can we have indicators in peoples' names? Emoji in Zoom names?
    • Examples: 📷 (yes), 🚫(no), ? Ask
  • Encourage online Pronouns in Zoom names as well
    • Are there other/better ways to do this?
  • Usually there is a bit of a straw poll in in-person camps to adjust the crowd to the size of a room which tends to minimize the two person session which may become awkward. How can we recreate that in an online setting?
  • See also anything left from 2020/West/Planning

Day 1 Start Hack - Brainstormed at IWC Brighton 2019

Tantek Çelik: One thing we brainstormed right after IWC NYC was a "hack start" or whatever we want to call it, session at the very end of day 1.

Tantek Çelik proposed doing this at Brighton, but bringing it up as a possible idea for IWC West Online? We need to change the schedule accordingly.

The goal is to get folks to engage and connect something from the day 1 discussions into a creative act of some sort, just a start (nothing demoable expected obviously).

The expectation is that doing so will help motivate more people to come back on day 2.

If people start on something, and deliberately leave it incomplete, there's a built-in draw / incentive to come back and finish something.

There is a certain joy in starting something that if we can tap into, might be enough to carry them back to day 2.

This is something for everyone, not just people who don't have a domain / are getting started. It may require a few of us organizers to help "coach" folks through. Obviously organizers are coming back on day 2, so we're less concerned about losing ourselves :)

Possible example ideas to give people for a "start hack" session:

  • Get a domain registered (and set its TTL to as low as possible) so it's ready by day 2. too many have struggled with this and lost precious hours on day 2 of IWCs because of this
  • Create a new GitHub account or repo if they "just" want a static home page to start with (for IndieAuth etc.)
  • Maybe create a new micro.blog account, but not worry about getting it all setup yet
  • ...

The idea is these are things that are steps toward a particular goal, but don't need to be completed. In fact, completion is explicitly *not* encouraged during this session (not discouraged either).

General Topics

See the Organizers page for outstanding issues.

  • Indieweb Online - With More Events Turning to Online Only, How do we Iterate and Improve? What works? What doesn't?

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