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Next Website Goal

Next Website Goal was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2021 led by Tantek Çelik to discuss what is the most important next thing you want to do, or do easier, or fix on your website.

📺 https://archive.org/details/iwc-dus-2021-next-website-goal



What is the next thing you want to do, or do easier, or fix on your website?

Per "make what you need" principle.

Tantek Çelik I want to fix my photo grid on my home page, and then named pages like personal wiki pages

Sebastiaan Andeweg been using Twitter again, want his own site to be easier to post/tweet from. Especially replies are too much of a hastle. maybe backfeed if he's using the app anyways

Sven Knebel saving private / semi-private things, for sharing with others and for my own use. Some bookmarking solution that lets me save like 1000 browser tabs, that's not something I want to put on my bookmarks publicly on my site.

David Shanske Working on making my read->post flow work more smoothly. (Yes)

Marc Thiele would like to communicate more through his website. automate getting things posted on site and other places, ideally from personal site

Aaron Parecki be able to make some private posts, easier version: only I can see. Extra stretch goal, being able to share stuff with a few other people (audience).

Calum Ryan restore features working from my old site, with my new CMS (Kirby), like Micropub support.

FYI Tantek Çelik created a new POSSE diagram for the POSSE page in response to the IndieWeb site traffic from the HN post, hopefully help more people understand it for the first time. Also include a deep link to a 1min video intro.

Might help to also do the same for other popular pages like Webmention.

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