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Okuna is an ethical social network silo for a brighter tomorrow. Or so says it's website.

It's former name was Openbook when it was initial founded via Kickstarter campaign but Facebook took legal steps againt this name so it was eventually renamed to Okuna.

Okuna is currently donation driven via Indiegogo or Patreon and various people contributing source or ideas on the Slack channel. A subscription plan (gold version) is also in the making but it's basic usage is supposed to be free. This is what the Manifesto says.

It's currently in a closed beta everyone can sign up for. Alpha users and bakers from the campaign can provide new users with beta keys that bypass the waiting list. It can be accessed via Okuna mobile version or the inofficial desktop client by Sophie Tauchert.

The software used is opensource and can be downloaded from Github for inspection. There's also a roadmap for the next steps and while decentralisation is on the roadmap it's not yet implemented.

It reminds a lot of the early days of Google_Plus so it got a lot of attention from former Google_Plus users that feel very at home on Okuna due to similiar concepts of groups, circles and follow options.

How to

How to POSSE to

You can use the Okuna API to POSSE your posts.

Beko Pharm is currently working on a POSSE provider that makes use of okuna-js, an API wrapper written in TypeScript. It's intended to scratch an own itch and is currently not public available since it's merely a proof on concept by now that is able to syndicate an article to Okuna making use of Webmention but not much else.

How to PESOS from

You can use the Okuna API to PESOS your posts.

How to backfeed from

You can use the Okuna API but it is probably a bad idea to backfeed any comments or reactions currently since Okuna is very strict about bots and it's currently a closed beta. Some people may be very offended if their felt privacy is violated by this even when posts are programmatically flagged as public. This may change when the website version of Okuna becomes available.



Okuna creates a feed of people the user follows. This is chronological sorted and unfiltered (beside blocked users). It does not aggregate activities from other people beside posts. There are two more feeds beside the Home feed: Explore and Trending