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An archival copy is a copy of a web page made (often by someone other than the author) at a particular point in time, that can be used as a reference if the original disappears or is temporarily unavailable.

Archival copies are sometimes called "archives" for short, however in the context of independent publishing, the term "archive" is specifically used to refer to personal historical archives and the navigation to use them on a personal site.[1][2][3]


Why? / Use cases

  1. Store HTML to parse the microformats in the page to render comments and reply context [4]
  2. Store screenshot of page to preserve how a page looked like, without needing to store all related files (CSS, JavaScript, images)

IndieWeb Examples

Chris Aldrich

In late December 2016, with the help of PressForward a WordPress plugin, I began self-archiving read posts and am contemplating doing the same with bookmark posts on a selective basis. (Additional details)


Internet Archive

You can curl{url} to archive a post.[5]



  • - works clientside, e.g. with logged in sites, but saves "recordings" to their service, which you can later share (assuming you named them), may require login for recordings to persist.

Link Archiver on Twitter

"I make sure the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has a current snapshot of the links my friends tweet. Follow me and I'll follow you! Experimental, by @xor. If I follow you, then any time you tweet a link I'll quietly make sure there's a backup in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine."


Tools and approaches to tools for keeping archival copies of others pages.


Main article: indiearchive

IndieArchive is a open source project to collaboratively grow collective archives of public pages using indieweb sites.


Owark is short for Open Web Archive and is a WordPress plugin for archiving pages you link to, and then upon linkrot, automatically showing the archived copy instead of linking to a broken page.

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