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5 โ™บ reposts are sometimes part of the information about a post displayed on the post itself, sometimes in a post footer, like a total number repost responses, icons of recent reposters, or even a datetime ordered list of reposts.

Note: if you're looking for information about a repost itself, see:


By displaying a summary of reposts of your post, you show that there are (and can be more) some light interaction with your post. It also shows immediate feedback to those that have responded to your posts with their own indie repost responses.

How to

How to display

When a post receives a webmention from a repost, it can choose to display it similar to a favoriting/liking of that post, as well as optionally displaying a number of reposts.

IndieWeb Examples

The following posts display information about "reposts of" somewhere in their footer / comments, either a count of reposts of the post, and/or listings of the actual reposts of in time sequence order with other activity on the post.

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki since ????-??-?? displays reposts after the content of his posts:

Barnaby Walters

Barnaby Walters since ????-??-?? displays reposts of posts inline with other responses after the content of his posts:

Pelle Wessman

Pelle Wessman uses to display a realtime facepile of reposts under each post on his blog, since 2014-12-30. can also show likes mixed with the rest of the responses when facepiles has been opted out of.

Sebastiaan Andeweg

Sebastiaan Andeweg uses Kirby with his own take on the webmentions plugin to display reposts and other interactions under his posts. Displays in the same facepile as likes, but with a repost-icon instead of a heart. Example:

Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire uses to display a facepile of reposts under each post on his blog since 2017-03-17. Example:

WordPress plugin

pfefferle is working on displaying "reposts of" for the wordpress plugin

David Shanske Displays reposts using the Post Kinds plugin. Example:

Most Reposts

The most reposted things on various sites, including indieweb sites:

  • IndieWeb: On 2019-01-11 Aaron Parecki posted a screenshot of attempting to read a Medium article on his iPhone but getting obscured by pop-ups:

    How did we let the Web get to this point. All I wanted to do was read this blog post.
    Screenshot of article with pop-ups prompting for native app use and Google login obscuring the article

    • 192 reposts as of 2019-01-31 per the reposts display on the post

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Silo Examples


Facebook calls repost posts, "shares". Facebook posts have a repost icon underneath their content, with a count after it.

They also cluster notifications about reposts of a post. Clicking on such a clustered notification takes you to a page listing all reposts of your post in chronological order, each with their own comments, likes. E.g.

Facebook's "share posts" are dynamic / hot-inlined! That is, if you share someone's post, and then afterwards they edit it, your shared copy (if it even is a copy) is edited too! Example: (not sure if this is an any-logged-in-user or only logged-in-friends link)


Twitter calls repost posts, "retweets". Tweet permalinks have a retweet icon underneath their content, and also show facepile of recent retweeters. If you're logged in you can click and see a list of the reposters.

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