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A story is a singular (one per profile) time stream collection post, that consists of ephemeral photo and video posts that are shown in sequence one at a time and disappear from the collection 24 hours after being added. People use this feature to tell a story about their day.

Stories seem to be more easily shared than posts, because they lack editing – there is less applying filters and clipping out video fragments, more just sharing the material right away. They also don't receive public likes and replies (one can reply privately on Snapchat and Instagram), and because they disappear after 24 yours, there is less pressure to make it perfect.

The video fragments in stories are short, usually not longer than 10 seconds, and skippable per fragment. This lessens the need to edit the message down to an interesting storyline, and moves the editing from the sender to the viewer.

IndieWeb Examples

  • Aaron Parecki supports stories on his home page since 2017-11-04. If there is any content posted to the "stories" section, the circle around his profile photo will be a gradient outline if you haven't seen the content yet or a grey outline if you have.
  • Add yourself here… (see this for more details)

Silo Examples

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