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December 10-17, 2021

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My first multilanguage page
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IndieWeb Included In my 2017 year review, I expressed my frustration with content discovery via third-party sites. Content takes time to put together and it has become a little frustrating that algorithms are now firmly in the middle, deciding to show content that I have shared and made available. The non-chronological feed is a lottery. This year I decided to make my site further compatible with the wider web and let my content be found and shared more ...

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paper website

paper website is a website that has been written on paper and transcribed to a web page or a printed version of a website.

Created by capjamesg[d] on Tuesday with 3 more edits by and

link in bio

link in bio is a common expression on silos like Instagram which disallow linking from posts, directing viewers to the respective social media profile which usually allows at least one link, increasingly used to link to a link-in-bio service providing a flat list of links at a short vanity path.

Created by on Friday and edited 2 more times


reuse is the microformats principle of reusing building blocks from widely adopted standards.

Created by voxpelli on Wednesday and edited 2 more times


StoryGraph is a silo for tracking books and reading progress, advertising itself as an Amazon-free alternative to Goodreads.

Created by gRegor on Tuesday and edited 1 more time


A definition on the IndieWeb wiki should be a basic, plain English description of the term (or phrase) naming a wiki page, with an explicit connection to the term’s relevance to the IndieWeb, and ideally without any use of jargon.

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Analog Meets Online will be an online IndieWebCamp popup discussion in 2022.

Created by on Friday

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