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IndieWebCamp NYC 2017 Planning for keeping track of all things for organizers and volunteers to make IndieWebCamp NYC 2017 an awesome time for all!

To Do

In parallel:

  • Get sponsors for breakfast, coffee, meals
  • Confirm necessary supplies for session grid, remote participation


Let's send updates to folks who have registered via Tito!

Items of note (one or more of these in one or more updates)

  • n days til IndieWebCamp!
  • still have a few spots left, invite a friend, co-worker, or two with a personal site (or who has said they want one!)
  • remind people of the general schedule and what to expect
  • start encouraging ideas for things to discuss and make
    • making your site "you" on the web (identity, domain, design)
    • owning your posts (improving how you post to your site, how your posts look)
    • reaching your friends, colleagues, co-workers (where to POSSE)
    • owning your conversations (replying/liking/reposting from your site, and showing comments/responses to your posts, including backfeed from POSSE copies)

Update 1

  • date: 2017-09-28

Hello PERSONNAME! Only a couple more days before we all come together for IndieWebCamp NYC! I am very much looking forward to the weekend, and I hope you all have a fantastic time while you're in New York City.

We still have a few spots left on the guest list, so invite a friend, co-worker, or two with a personal site (or who has said they want one!). They can register at https://2017.indieweb.org/nyc

Here are a few last pieces of information before we meet. You may want to save this update so you can refer to it as you make your way to NYC for the festivities.


Things have been cooling off in New York City. The temperature should range between the high-50s and high-60s, with a bit of light rain expected early Sunday morning and late Sunday afternoon.

General Schedule

Saturday will be a day of discussions, starting off with introductions and demos before lunch, and the rest of the day reserved for discussion sessions that will be proposed and lead by participants like you! We'll wrap at 5:00pm for some social time.

Sunday is a making / hacking day - time to put some of those ideas from Saturday into action! New designs, add features to (or starting building) your personal website, and help others do the same.

We'll have sponsored lunch brought in on Sunday, followed by more hacking. We'll close out with a round of demos before cleaning up and closing camp around 5:00pm.

You can find the full schedule on the wiki.

What to Work On?

Not sure what to work on at IndieWebCamp? Here are some ideas:

  • making your site "you" on the web (working on your identity, domain, design)
  • owning what you post (improving how you post to your site, how your posts look)
  • reaching your friends, colleagues, co-workers (where to POSSE)
  • owning your conversations (replying/liking/reposting from your site, and showing comments/responses to your posts, including backfeed from POSSE copies)

Need ideas? Or already got ideas?

See what projects participants are thinking of working on, and add yours if you like on the wiki!


Breakfast and Lunch

We will be providing bagels and fruit on Saturday and Sunday mornings thanks to our sponsors, and we'll have coffee available all day as well!

Lunch on Sunday will be provided at the venue. Saturday lunch will be on your own at any of the nearby restaurants.

Getting Around

Dalberg Global Development Advisors is at 99 Madison Avenue (29th & Madison) on the 17th floor. The doors will open at 10:00am on Saturday and Sunday.

There may or may not be a security guard who will let people in, so we will have a sign with info about who to contact to be let in.

You can always give us a shout in the #indieweb chat and someone will come down to let you in!

Public Transit

There are a couple of MTA subway stops near the venue, with service from the 4, 6, N, Q, R, and W trains. You can buy a Metrocard with cash or credit/debit card at most MTA subway stations. The fare is $2.75 per ride.

Remote Participation

We expect to have people participating remotely who couldn't come to NYC this year. We'll have two rooms set up with cameras and microphones for streaming and perhaps screen sharing. More information and the relevant links are on the wiki.

Join the Chat

If you haven't already, join our Slack room or IRC channel (they're connected) and introduce yourself! We'll be using the chat during the event to take notes, share links, and communicate with the remote participants.

Code of Conduct

As a reminder, we have a Code of Conduct that applies to IndieWeb spaces both online and offline.

Thanks to our Supporters

I'd like to give a shout-out to our sponsors who make all of this possible! A huge thanks to Dalberg for hosting us, Mozilla, Bridgy, This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition, as well as our monthly supporters and everyone who contributed specifically for this event!

That's all for now! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!


Leaders Meetup

Considering a half-day IndieWeb Leaders Meetup (similar to 2017/Leaders) on Friday September 29 ~09:00-12:00 EDT.

No conference room space available for Friday.

Interested? in-person and/or virtual?


  • purely virtual (likely since most people are saying virtual now)
  • coffee shop (where you can talk out loud) - whoever is in town can coordinate?

Wiki Pages


  • estimate attendance via:
  • ... sponsors for:



  • ... video broadcast, - Need to know how many rooms.
    • Likely ~3 rooms, one big one, two smaller ones similar to what we had at 2016/NYC2



  • Are there enough extension cords / power strips for everyone sitting at the tables to plugin in their laptops?


  • Does the facility have extension cords, surge protectors, and a screen for presentations in the event space(s)?

There are extensions cords and a screen for presentations.

  • What are the number of rooms available simultaneously, capacity, and facilities in the event we break into groups?

The office is an open floor plan layout. There are two large rooms available for breakouts (can seat 6 - 8 people), three smaller conference rooms (can seat 4-5 people) and a space with couches and circular tables that would work well to facilitate breakout discussions.

  • Do we have Large (4x6 or bigger) sticky notes?

Not in the office

Other questions:

  • ...


Let's reach out to folks in NYC who we know are interested in the indieweb and indieweb principles

Previous participants and organizers! (add more from 2016/NYC2, 2016/NYC, 2014/Guest_List#East, 2014/NYC)

Add outreach suggestions here (and your name if you have had contact with them in the past), alphabetical by name:

Reached out:

  • ...

Initial Planning

This is an archive of the initial planning for IndieWebCamp NYC 2017, originally found here.



  • Venue: Dalberg, Manhattan (same place as 2016/NYC) on dates Emma Hodge can make it happen
  • Dates: 2017-09-30 and 2017-10-01 (venue confirmed, most positive / non-negative, host can make it)
    • Looking into 2017-09-29 morning mini Leaders meetup

Can help co-organize (in particular an IndieWebCamp Brooklyn in 2017)

Interested in organizing:

Interested in participating!

Previous Date Discussion:

Possible/preferred months: September or October

Previously: 2016/NYC, 2016/NYC2

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