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Attendee Introductions at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2019.

Tantek Çelik

  • Tantek Çelik, https://tantek.com
  • Showing his website. Since last time he added https.
  • Sometimes posts photos of “going up in the hills”
  • Because of the 20th anniversary of The Matrix, his website has been restyled in old terminal style green on black.
  • Would like the styling to be configurable (CSS variables)

Martijn van der Ven

  • Martijn van der Ven, https://vanderven.se/martijn
  • shows his h-card
  • weight graph which he added last time
  • Tracks his weight since a long time, but now has a way to draw the graph only from a certain date
  • makes it easier for people to stalk his weight
  • has a lot of questions answered on his site, encourages people to ask more, so he can put more info on it
  • does a shout out for everyone to put their pronoun on their site
  • also point out: you don't have to blog to be at the Indieweb
  • you don't need the blog and syndication, if you want you can just be online with a single page

Rosemary Orchard

  • Rosemary Orchard, https://rosemaryorchard.com/
  • kept losing information between different services, but moved to WordPress now where it is easier to centralise the information into a single place
  • syndicates back to her website from other websites and apps, but would like to turn it around where she can post to her own website and have that send out to the external apps
  • Shows a nice animated timeline thing produced with Guthenberg

Calum Ryan

  • Calum Ryan, http://calumryan.com
  • Feed of different types of content, a grid layout of replies, checkins. Occasionally a thing about brexit.
  • Created a list of people he follows
  • Added the indieweb webring to his footer last camp
  • Been looking at bringing in more content from other platforms
  • Calum has a nice event page with all the things he goes to. And allows people to RSVP

David Shanske

  • David Shanske, https://david.shanske.com
  • “Nobody ever thinks their website is as attractive as they like it to be”
  • Has to fix a timezone issue, which should be using local timezones based on his location of the posts
  • There are people who use the tools GWG builds more than he does.
  • He keeps plugging at it, hoping to make it better all the time


Matteo Cassese

Toni Mattis

  • http://toni.mattis.berlin
  • Is a researcher, so his website is mostly a researcher portfolio
  • Has a photography section linking to Flickr, and would like to bring that under his own control

Chris Adams

Sven Knebel

  • Sven Knebel, http://svenknebel.de
  • Custom blogging system, which is one of the reasons he doesn’t post a lot. The posting experience isn’t that nice.
  • Easily distracted about newer fancy things, so not adding much to his site.
  • Posted a GitHub reply on his site, which Bridgy then automatially posted to the GitHub issue
  • Talking about AutoAuth
  • Showing the demo of the last berlin webcamp for autoauth


Mark Engelhardt

Ian Forrester

  • https://cubicgarden.com
  • Been blogging for a long time
  • Got a lot of the plugins installed, but is still somewhat unsure about how they all work
  • Ian's site uses WordPress
  • was able to RSVP to the event and it worked automatically!
  • Also does a gratitude diary: http://ianforrester.org
  • Would like to work out a way to pull that all into his main site

Yulia Startsev

  • Yulia Startsev, http://hag.codes
  • Already has the slides from the keynotes
  • Used to have working webmentions: shows an example post that shows replies that have been pulled in through webmentions


  • http://sonniesedge.net
  • Not very advanced “at the moment”
  • Converted from CraftCMS to Drupal since last time
  • Tries to do bookmarking on her site actively
  • Has a share intent setup to bookmark straight to her site
  • That lets her move away from Pinboard
  • checkins are Charlie “at bars and cafes”
  • Displays a check-in and photo combination
  • With Drupal she now gets an API for all her site data
  • Now trying to create a statically generated site, out of the Drupal API
  • Charlie shows JSON viewer in Firefox
  • Because Drupal is great for data storage, not so much for theming
  • twiddles open data, 3 , attributes
  • Looking at using Gatsby for it
  • But there are problems with that too ... so should she just write her own?

Jan Dinter

  • http://jandinter.net
  • Not a lot of site changes since last time
  • Has a huge list of bookmarks on pinboard, would like to bring over some collections from there to his personal website


  • No website. But looking into building something cool.

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