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Explaining the IndieWeb was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/explainindieweb

IndieWebCamp Austin 2020
Session: Explaining the IndieWeb
When: 2020-02-22 13:15 Video Archive: https://archive.org/details/iwc-austin-2020-explaining-indieweb


  • Jean MacDonald
  • Courtney Rosenthal
  • Tom Brown
  • Andrew
  • Jack W
  • Kim
  • Grant Hutchins
  • Aaron Parecki
  • Bryan
  • Joe Masilotti
  • Sahil
  • Ben
  • David Shanske (remote)


Jean's description of the indieweb:

  • A movement of people who are interested in revitalizing the internet and to bring back some of the life from before Facebook and Twitter separated people into silos.
  • What is a silo?
  • In Facebook, only people with a facebook account can see it, so you can't share your content outside of Facebook
  • The goal is to get to a point where people can control their own content and interact with other people on the web without making accounts or locking themselves in to services

There was an independent publisher's movement before facebook/twitter, but it seems like there is something different in the indieweb movement compared to the pre-social media blogging movement

Aaron: One reason blogs petered out was because it was only one way (broadcast) whereas social media became two way

  • IndieWeb incorporates the things that are good about social media, but do it in a way that is independently controlled. We'd like to take the good parts and leave the bad parts.

Grant: The early days of social media started out somewhat open, services like Flickr/Twitter publishing RSS feeds, or Facebook pulling in AOL status updates

Where do you draw the line for ownership? The line is the domain name.

"I understand the values, but what actually *is* the indieweb?"

Indieweb is a community of people We need some kind of agreement of how we will communicate

Are there tools or resources for discovering indieweb people?

  • There is not one official answer
  • On the indieweb.org wiki, there is a directory of people who are on chat: chat-names
  • Indieweb ring
  • Ryan Barrett's indiemap.org (more details at indie map
  • showing your replies on your site so that others can find new people

I can move to a new location but people will still be able to find me by my name.

You can move your content to different platforms/hosts and the links won't break.

Similar to how you don't want your email to be @ comcast.com

Everybody having a place on the internet that is theirs

Jack: The "micro" of microblogging makes it more accessible. People don't want to write thousand-word posts multiple times a week like the original blogs did.


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