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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow was a session at IndieWebCamp West 2020.

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Notes archived from etherpad: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/here-today

IndieWebCamp West 2020
Session: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
When: 2020-06-27 14:30




Joseph Dickson's rough notes and thoughts https://www.linuxbookpro.com/here-today-gone-tomorrow/ Content disappears from silos due to a multitude of reasons. Copyright, hosting, technology, file formats. Digital Ethics: If a request asks for us to take content down that's been archived how do respond? An example could be a post written years ago where the author doensn't still hold that opinion and wants it deleted from the web.

hibs suggests prioritizing what you want to preserve and displayed a Pyramid of information as an evulation example. Wisdom- If, Then Understanding - Why Knowledge - How Information- Who, What Where, When Data - Basic Facts

Manton Reece mentioned Indie Paper as an alternative to instapaper

marty mcguire mentioned using Perkeep to create a personal acrchive of your digital content.

hibs: there are media silos at risk because users don't realize the preservation situation.

cweiske's approach for saving images by adding source urls (and additional meta information) to it: http://cweiske.de/tagebuch/exif-url.htm

Peter Molnar's PASTA script: https://github.com/petermolnar/silo.pasta

fluffy brought up content format issues, eg Flash content getting lost, realmedia being very hard to play

  • client side rendering makes it very hard to preserve sites
  • flash with dynamic content is definitely lost

digital preservation gets trickier over time

  • flash gone away
  • saving a snapshot of a page may not get e.g. any data dynamically-loaded by javascript
  • players for tapes and disks stop being produced and wear out (and media wears out)
  • will PDF someday stop being supported?
  • open formats will probably live longer, see DNG
  • open & popular formats are the safest best (eg. JPG)
  • emulation is a thing, and archive.org is leaning into it: https://archive.org/search.php?query=TOSEC
    • not just for old games but also for software that is hard to preserve e.g. because the hardware that runs it goes away.

hibs: as an archivist, if you entrust the longevity of data to someone else, eventually it will go away. "The Long Web"

previous IndieWeb sessions on ethics and copyright, including the idea and the outlines for a licence detenction algorithm:

Peter Molnar tells a story of how recovering his original 1999 website failed, leaving him with the earliest from 2002 instead:

saving screenshots of pages?

manton mentions quotebacks and how he uses them to note snippets of things he's bookmarking or linking to

related software for archiving and saving webpages:

Data Information Knowledge Understanding Wisdom

manton wonders: should micro.blog handle (more of) this for its users?

schmarty: briefly demos his local perkeep.org

  • archives all of his tweets, pinboard posts, swarm checkins
  • pinboard importer currently broken??
  • also keeps all of his photos in here
  • it's a very code/dev heavy tool if you want to do more than surface-level browsing / tagging / searching your stuff

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