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A draft in the context of the indieweb refers to a draft post, a post that an author has partially written, or otherwise does not consider finished.


Drafts are useful for private or semi-public sharing with others for review and feedback before official publication and POSSEing.

Being able to save drafts has more than once saved me from posting something "in the heat of the moment" that I'd have later regretted. They can be a useful saucer for cooling off. Kylewm.com

IndieWeb Examples

Some IndieWeb community members are using scheduling to publish drafts at otherwise public URLs, but not have them show up on their homepage (e.g. in their composite stream) or legacy feed file.

Open Source Examples


WordPress has a draft feature that allows you to save a draft and share a URL to a draft post which does not show up on your home page or any feeds. It has a status field in the API that can be draft or publish


ProcessWire has a published/unpublished flag that effectively allows writing a draft post that does not show up on your home page or any feeds. An unpublished page is visible only to logged in administrators at its permalink.


Known has a public/private/members only access setting per post, so Private can be used as a Draft mode.

Silo Examples


Kickstarter supports sharing drafts of a campaign and includes a prompt at the top asking the viewer to submit feedback to the author.



Blogger has a draft mode for posts, which the API exposes with an isDraft parameter


Twitter has a draft mode in its clients, but this is not reflected in the API


Medium has a publishStatus for posts that can be public, draft or unlisted whihc is accessible from the API

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