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A Domain of One's Own Meetup

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  • Welcome
  • Introductions: short 2 minute introductions of attendees with an optional brief demonstration of something you've done on your domain or purpose for which you're using your domain.
  • Group photo for those who wish to participate
  • Main meetup: Ideally everyone should bring a topic, demonstration, question, or problem to discuss with the group. Depending on time and interest, we can try to spend 5-10 minutes discussing and providing feedback on each of these. If questions go over this time limitation, we can extend the conversation in smaller groups as necessary after the meetup.



  • Katie Hartraft
  • Tim Owens has a site running Ghost
    • frequently changes systems so has an issue with linkrot over time
    • Virtual VSTE 2020 site runs a SPLOT which collects resources submitted by users without an account
  • Chris Aldrich
    • Demo of Microsub reader, Micropub posting to his own site, and Webmention to the original site
  • Emma Duke-Williams blogging for many years; using CampusPress and how to use it best with students
    • Getting VLE to work is taking more time
  • John Stewart
    • Assistant Director of Academic U of Oklahoma
    • run 6-7000 DoOO users in Create
    • develop training for everyone
    • created mapping website using Google tools like sheets and AwesomeTables and embed them in our own domain via js
  • Kimberly Hirsh
    • UNC Chapel Hill
    • Uses her site as a blog and open research/journal
    • Shares her dissertation process
    • (uses
    • She's moving from MailChimp to something else for herself and didn't want to have to pay for it; using phpList on Installatron provided by Reclaim Hosting (uses domain name on Reclaim)
  • Tim Clarke (he/him)
    • Instructional designer at Muhlenberg overseeing their DoOO program
    • with a glossary for a textbook
    • Tim Clarke here, my long-neglected personal domain is I have a super simple but really positive use of WordPress in this past spring semester. I co-taught a Mapping Religion with the awesome Sharon Albert. Our class that integrated Religion Studies and Geographic Information Systems/Science. I used the Escapade theme (, and the A-Z Listing plugin ( to make our discussion work happen around the creation of a crowdsourced glossary for our readings. I created accounts for everyone within a wordpress site on my own DoOO, and bought a $5 domain name to drop on top. You can see the results at . If you're looking to get away from the conventional discussion board in a Learning Management System, and also to model how to find organizing themes and concepts across readings, this might be a fun thing to try. Thanks! Please reach out if I can be helpful.
    • Tim, Did you and your students create the map that's linked in the header also? TC: that header is borrowed from a really cool DH project, the Agas Map of Early Modern London - I highlighted some churches and took a screenshot for the banner of our glossary.
  • Taylor Jadin
    • Instructional technologist
    • (uses Ghost), previously used Ghost, and SSGs like Jekyll and Hugo
    • GIFT Cookbook using Truewriter (SPLOT)
      • I need pinterest but for faculty only; lists tools and helpful snippets
    • for streaming across social distancing while playing games or doing other things (also runs Azuracast)
    • Working with a student to redesign homepage for the Knight Domains project
  • Shannon Hauser
    • Associate Director of the Digital Knowledge Center at University of Mary Washington (Center that peers tutors on digital projects, home of DoOO at our institution)
    • HTML 5up template for a site
    • all HTML without easy facility for others to edit/change, but it's beautiful
    • She's been borrowing from Coventry which has a CC license
  • Lauren Brumfield
    • Director of Operations for Reclaim
    • Her personal site is almost a portfolio of her work,
    • Happy Birthday Reclaim!!
    • Working to consolidate DoOO Support resources into a centralized space
  • Will Monroe
    • Asst director for at Law School
    • Teaches pre-services teachers and has a proto-DoOO project
  • Morris (Mo) Pelzel
    • At Grinnell College
    • Using the TruWriter SPLOT for a Time of Coronavirus experience
    • Node.js site :
  • Tineke D'Haeseleer
    • At Muhlenberg with Tim Clarke
    • Teaches East Asian History
    • Laura Gibbs' Growth Mindset Cats plugin
    • (daily briefings for students during Covid19 Spring half)
    • She's been experimenting with Elgg as a community platform for asynchronous teaching/classroom use
      • Suggestions that WithKnown (also written by Ben Werdmuller) or WordPress with Webmention as an alternative for interactive websites
      • Comment: Elgg! That takes me back - to when I was first using blogging with students & we used Elgg ! It was so powerful & ahead of its time
  • Ben Harwood
    • instructional designer at Skidmore
    • joining at the last minute from Twitter
    • Using Zoom and Ensemble Video for recording video with transcript and captions to push it into WordPress (with Ensemble Video plugin for embedding playlists)
    • Moving from Blackboard to another LMS

Topics for Discussion


  • Quick examples as entry points for beginning users on the web

+1 chris +1 kimberly

The Syndicated gradebook

  • how can we use feed readers to automate some basic assessment process
  • How can we make import/export less painful

+1 shannon

Training for students

  • how can we help students become creators of the web?
    • Emma: Training students: I've run a "paper blogging" session with groups of students to get them into the idea, without them fretting about the technicalities of buidling.

Academic Samizdat for publishing Journal articles

Building community in asynchronous online courses

+1 shannon +1 mo +1 Greg McVerry

Reclaim Cloud OMG!

+1 +1 chris +1 shannon

  • Docker/container based platform for non-php based applications
    • minecraft servers, mastodon,
    • similar to AWS, Linode, and virtual systems

Open publishing

  • OER, etc.
  • Running janeway, manifold, pressbooks, etc.


Questions / Problems

  • Add your ideas here

General Announcements

Next Meetup

  • Preferred dates/times/timezones
    • Monthly? every two weeks? more frequently?
    • Others interesting in hosting/co-hosting?
  • Kimberly Hirsh - Monthly, EST/EDT but flexible
  • Tim Clarke - monthly would be great. I'll come to your timezone :)
  • timmmmyboy - Monthly is great, open to multiple timezones and cognizant that it can be hard to find the right times
  • Tineke D'Haeseleer: monthly would be good
  • Lauren Brumfield- Monthly; EST timezone; timing is flexible
  • katiehartraft - Monthly is good for me, EST/EDT but flexible
  • John Stewart - Monthlly; EST is good
  • shauser - Monthy, mid-day (like first meeting), EST
  • {{jgmac1106} monthly
  • meredithfierro Monthly is perfect as well! EST, completely flexible on timing
  • mopelzel monthly works great for me as well ... CDT, but flexible
  • utc -4

Follow up

  • some pop up sessions possibly
    • Reclaim Cloud with examples, discussion, and maybe a hack session
  • monthly meetups with shorter introductions and mini-topics
    • mini-topics can be taken from some of the above ideas

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