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Maps are representations of the real world. There are many services that can be used to put a map on your site, like OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. Commonly used to display the location of a post, especially for checkins.

The term map is also used for other representations of relationships between things. See e.g. indiemap, social_web_map.

IndieWeb Examples

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There are several IndieWeb sites that display and show interesting things with maps!


Abstract US maps for data


  • Privacy / blurring. Abstract maps allow a coarser presentation of data that may be more suitable for publishing publicly, instead of precise accurate maps that provide accurate location data.
  • Simpler display, focus on non-geo data. When the data to display is more important than precise geographical relationships among the data, an abstract map helps by removing the "noise" of extraneous geographical details which would otherwise distract from the data being presented. Abstract subway maps are another example of this.


  • Coarse geographic "heatmaps" of your checkins per state
  • Coarse geographic posts archive

US states as squares

States as squares map:

US states as hexagons

States as hexagons map:
map of the 50 US states where each state is a hexagon, labeled with their short names or abbreviations, and backgrounds highlighted from red, to orange, yellow, and green to indicate different levels of new cases as compared to two weeks ago

Another article:
Two maps of the 50 US states where each state is a hexagon, labeled with its 2 letter abbreviation, and backgrounds highlighted from gray to, to yellow, orange, and red to indicate different levels of new deaths and cases affecting African Americans


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