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Netlify is a CDN/static hosting provider with integrated build service, useful for static site generators.

Netlify provides continuous deployment of static sites (example, built using hugo, and provides hosting for those too. The condition is that all site content has to be purely static.. so no scripts running on their server.

Here's a typical flow for deploying sites through Netlify:

Assuming that the user has already linked their online git repo (like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) with their Netlify account,

  1. User commits changes to the git repo holding the source of their static site.
  2. Netlify receive that commit ping, and triggers a fresh build of the user's site using that latest commit.
  3. Netlify deploys that site at the domain the user configured.


As Netlify needs the served sites to be 100% static, they cannot run any script (PHP, etc.) to serve as an endpoint for Webmention, micropub, etc., endpoints for such Netlify-hosted sites need to be hosted separately somewhere else.

However, Netlify does offer a serverless functions platform called Functions which has written about using for Serverless Indieauth at (Archive). They also have an early-access feature to build individual pages on-demand for sites with large numbers of pages.

  Jamie Tanna has which is a service to allow uploading files directly to the media endpoint, which uses Netlify Functions for proxying the request to the user's media endpoint.

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