September 7-14, 2018

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Homebrew Website Club Baltimore
Join us for an evening of quiet writing, wiki editing, IndieWeb demos and discussions!

Homebrew Website Club Meetup
Join us for an evening of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions! Any questions? Ask in the chatroom! More…

Nürnberg, Baltimore, San Francisco, Austin

Nürnberg, Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle

London, England

Nürnberg, Baltimore, San Francisco



This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • September 1st - 7th, 2018
This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • August 25th - 31st, 2018
Micro Monday - Micro Monday Extra: Late Night In The Airstream with @aaronpk at XOXO

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IndieWeb Ad: So, That’s Creative by Christopher ( hope that you’ve seen this IndieWeb ad. If you haven’t, you should ’cause it is hilarious! Also on:Lol this is awesome.
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Things are getting pretty cool with a combination of Micropub and Microsub compatible tools and services I have complete control over my own reading list (bye bye Instapaper and Pocket) and it even pushes the articles to my Kindle!
Interview mit Aaron Parecki
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Homebrew Website Club Meetup

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Nürnberg Digital Festival

Nürnberg Digital Festival is a regular set of events, including a weekend IndieWebCamp (since 2016), and overall is an annual (since 2012) week-long festival that focusing on the effects of digital technologies on society, art and culture, education, as well as economics and technology itself.

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Hubpages is an aggregating silo similar to Medium.

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Exist is a service that tracks and analyzes your life by pulling in information from various APIs and builds correlations to help you understand yourself better.

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not-it emoji

not-it emoji is a missing unicode standard of a smiley placing one finger on their nose.

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Homebrew Website Club Baltimore

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