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The Leaders Summit is a half-day of activities and sessions before IndieWeb Summit 2018, for everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp in the past two years or at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups with at least one meetup photo.


Similar to 2017/Leaders, the Leaders Summit sessions are open to everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp from 2015-2018, planning an IndieWebCamp later this year, or co-organized at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups during those years, and posted at least one meetup photo. If you’re not sure, ask an organizer.


Please add yourself below if you will be participating in the Leaders Summit (alphabetical by full name)

Remote Participation

If you can't make it in person but you're available to participate remotely, please add yourself below. Please note that we'll likely make use of Mozilla's remote conference setup, which requires the Vidyo Desktop Client. The link to join the live chat will be at https://2018.indieweb.org/vidyo


Sorry to miss you, let us know if you can't make it and we'll try to reach out with specifics that may apply to your city.


KURE Promise.
Good enough for breakfast, good enough for IndieWeb!
  • Monday June 25, 9am Pacific Time
    • 2018-06-25 09:00 - 13:30 PDT (UTC-7)
    • 2018-06-25 16:00 - 20:30 UTC
    • 2018-06-25 18:00 - 22:30 CEST (UTC+2)


Monday 2018-06-25:

  • 08:15 Leaders breakfast at Kure Juice Bar
  • 09:00 Leaders Summit (LS) start & intros
  • 09:30 Leaders Summit Sessions
  • 13:00 Leaders Summit Wrap-up & Next Steps
  • 13:30 Leaders Summit closes and
  • 13:37 lunch outside and free time
    • ...

Other Leaders related activities (just FYI, unless you want to help)

  • ...


  • Tantek Çelik
    • What did we think we did right / better / worse compared to last year?
    • What did we leave open / unresolved from 2017/Leaders?
    • What new community challenges have we encountered since?
    • What are the most important things we can do to improve the community in the coming uyear?
    • Which of those are the easiest / most scalable?
  • Remaining/ongoing tasks from 2017/Leaders#Task_List
    • Home page
      • Move events content from home page to events.indieweb.org or for the time being, /events
      • Make the content appropriate for the next generation of people that we want to attract
      • Make sure home page is still personable, has photos, shows community
  • ...



  • Place for: informal breakfast and/or lunch depending on "when" timing
  • Meeting room with power, wifi, projector for disucssions


The Leaders on call (not all pictured)

Out for lunch



If you will be participating in the Day 0 Leaders Summit, please add your session ideas here with name, hashtag, and session idea name. Please add nested list-items with "+1 yourname" for sessions you want to participate in!

See Last Year's Sessions or 2016 Sessions for ideas. The global Leaders page has a running list of Leaders#Issues issues, some of which are very long standing.

New ideas

IndieWeb principles split and reorg

proposer: Template:jgmac1106

  • in order to have more inclusive, gen2-3-4 friendly indieweb descriptions, the idea to reorganize the principles had come up, starting from most gen4 oriented downwards to gen1 oriented.
    • Start more modest, just rephrasing to be inclusive of gen2. Then get gen2 folks to help write a gen3 friendly version. It is highly unlikely that gen1 folks will be able to write effectively for gen3+ (too different a perspective).


Re-evaluate sponsorship policy

  • Currently we have a bunch of links in the footer from hosts from several years ago. Might want to consider a more formal/strict policy of when those fall off the page and are only shown on the specific event page.
  • Aaron Parecki

2017 Next Time

From: 2017/Leaders#Task_List

  • Discussion channels
    • add bridged -meta
    • keep wiki edits in -dev
    • add bridged -wordpress
    • update #indiechat topic to direct people to #indieweb-chat
  • Logos
    • consensus they're a good idea
    • need to be well-designed, consistent
    • used in footers of websites, github, icons, stickers
  • Community Repos
    • new criteria for moving in (and possibly moving out) repos to (and from) the indieweb org repo on GitHub
    • have adaptable thresholds for projects that might need the extra nudge (and that do not allow much plurality anyway) like WP plugins
    • aaronpk will look at his repos and possibly move things out. Put out a call to others to look at their repos to?
  • organize next iterations on Nov 3 (before IWC Berlin)


  • ... add yourself if you're interested in a session about this

Discussion Channels

Aaron Parecki Last year we decided to formalize expanding the set of #indieweb discussion channels. Let's evaluate how this has been working and whether we should add more or not, as well as consider which channels the automated content belong in.


Existing channels summary

  • #indieweb - general user-centric discussion bridged with Slack #???
  • #indieweb-dev - developer specific discussion, implementation/protocols/formats/plumbing focused things bridged with Slack #dev
    • Wiki edits also go here
  • #indieweb-wordpress - WordPress-specific both user-support, and IndieWeb Pluging / Core development related
  • #indieweb-meta - discussion about the channels, the community, etc
  • #indiechat - existing informal not deliberately logged channel
  • #indieweb-chat - informal channel bridged with Slack #chat

Other Freenode channels logged by Loqi because they're symbiotic with the #indieweb community:

  • #microformats
  • #bridgy
  • #knownchat

which channel for wiki edits

  • The wiki edits can be kind of noisy especially when there is a conversation happening. Would it make sense to have a special channel for wiki edits? Maybe move everything to #indieweb-meta?

which channel for WordPress development

  • There has been a little discussion about this again lately. As the appeal of the WordPress plugins is growing, more non-gen1 people turn up to #-wordpress looking for help setting things up. To not alienate these people, development talk has shifted back into #-dev.
  • User support is nice in #-wordpress, as the main channel is mostly active with gen1-type people on their own custom workflows who can be of little help to WordPress setups. The people who do run WordPress are probably in #-wordpress and happy to help there.
  • WordPress plugin development, especially if multiple devs are online, can quickly fill up all of #-dev. This was one of the original reasons there was a fork into #-wordpress: 2017/Leaders#Discussion_Channels so we should stick with that. If there's a need for separate WP channels for WP users vs WP devs, we can consider that.

Overlap Between GitHub Communities

Proposer: Martijn van der Ven}

There is currently an odd overlap between the GitHub organisations microformats and indieweb.



  • The PHP parser is a project of the IndieWeb organisation, while the Python one is under the Microformats organisation. Is this just a legacy thing? Where would future projects go?
  • Is there a magical point where we will ask projects to move their repository under one of the organisations?
    • This goes back to a point David Shanske made on “how to decide what belongs” to the community.

Code of Conduct Review

Tantek Çelik? or was it someone else? Who is the "I" in the next sentence? While reviewing our code of conduct and others, I realized others have concrete steps and contact info for addressing CoC violations, such as an email address or phone number to report to. e.g. Mozilla's Community Participation Guidelines that they asked us to abide by for IndieWeb Summit has a "Reporting" section.



  • The physical events have gotten better at pointing out who to contact, often pointing out several people. It makes a lot of sense to extend this to our online presences.
  • As stated in the list of running issues, it may be important to give people a way to privately contact someone. Saying to take up issues on chat with whoever is an IRC Op is probably not a good solution for such a thing, especially with private messaging not bridged between Slack and IRC.

prep for keynotes tomorrow

Aaron Parecki: We should spend a little time prepping/rehearsing for keynote demos the next morning, to make sure the demos are snappy and to the point and don't take up a ton of the morning time. Last year I think we were a little too rambly in the morning without making a clear point.

future meetings

Aaron Parecki: we should discuss what it might look like to have more regular meetings like this, potentially even completely online, because:

  • there is a very long list of sessions here, and it's likely we won't have time to go in depth on everything
  • we've been talking about things like the chat channels for months without feeling like we can do anything about it until this meeting
  • most of the participants here are remote anyway

Martijn van der Ven: I think we discussed doing it quarterly, or at least three times a year aligning with major IWCs, at the last Leaders Summit. This still makes a lot of sense to me. Though maybe it has been failing because planning an actual get together the day/night before an event is hard, and we should decouple it from the “major IWC” mark?

IndieWeb Community Infrastructure


Currently the IndieWeb (as an organisation) is using several services, but it is not always clear who to contact about which part. It may be good to compile a list of third-parties that are depended upon, and who the contacts are for those.

Possible discussion points, taken from the running issues:

  • What services are essential for running the IndieWeb community resources, and who has access to them?
    • Content
    • Domain name(s)
      • Who has access to indieweb.org, can configure the DNS, etc?
      • How can access to these be split amongst several people?
    • Communication
      • Who can manage the Slack server / channels?
      • Who can manage the IRC channels?
        • It looks like we have several +o people. Are they all listed as Founders or equal on ChanServ?
        • all ops are in US timezones and thus not available on EU mornings (discussed 2017-12-17 due to small spam-wave on Freenode)
        • Is there anything to gain from registering with Freenode? (or has this been done already?)
      • Is there any managing we have to do for the Matrix bridge?
      • How quickly could a new Slack bridge be created if Loqi goes down? The bridge code is available on GitHub.
    • Official channels
    • For projects we depend on, e.g. the Slack bridge, should they be mirrored to the indieweb GitHub account? That way the community has them even if the original author decides the remove their repository.
    • Third parties we depend on? Can more of these be self-hosted?



non-profit organization

Aaron Parecki: As the community grows, having a formal organization could benefit us in a few ways. There has been some talk in chat of a "bug bounty" program or having a fund to support individual projects. While I don't think IndieWeb itself should become a formal organization, there is definitely an opportunity for other individuals to form adjacent organizations to handle things.


  • Ruby Together "Ruby Together is a grassroots initiative committed to supporting the critical Ruby infrastructure you rely on"

related discussion:

session name

Timebox: MM min. (assume 30min by default)





  • Morning of 2018-06-25, because:
    • morning = remote participation with European leaders
    • the "before lunch" time is particularly effective at having a high-cognitive-functioning focused meetup to decide on "hard questions" of community and such
    • break for lunch / random leader bonding activity
    • afternoon: optional OSBridge barcamp day
    • afternoon: or just enjoy Portland outdoors in the sunshine

Options: (please note your opinions/thoughts below!)

  • 9:00-13:30, get your own breakfast beforehand (ok to bring in)
    • ...
  • 8:00-12:30, kick it off with a DIY veggie breakfast taco bar
    • ...

Task List

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