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Leaders Summits are half-day events for everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp or was active organizing Homebrew Website Club meetups in the past two years. (Due to the spread-out nature of our community, many attend remotely).



At the 2017 Leaders summit (before IWS) it was decided to hold these multiple times a year. The next Leaders Summit is planned before IWC Berlin 2017, on 2017-11-03. Please add yourself to the list at Planning#Planned if you want to participate


collect issues here until a specific agenda page for the event is created

  • Code of Conduct One of the pieces missing from it is an ombudsmanish contact/enforcement mechanism or a means of helping to resolve issues. Usually at Camps we mention up front who to contact or converse with privately if someone has an issue? How would that/could that be done in our online space? Or at least doing so in private if someone had difficulty in speaking up. I suspect Gen2+ folks may have even bigger issues for contacting leadership for resolution depending on their level of technical ability. Who would they contact and how? Privately at least? cf chat

planning considerations

  • Location requires good internet for streaming
  • Some kind of conference room microphone or professional videoconference setup (Mozilla locations have Vidyo, which has worked well)
  • time: due to the international nature of the community, good times are mornings on the US west coast and evenings in Europe (e.g. 2017/Leaders was at 09:00 PDT (UTC-7) == 16:00 UTC == 18:00 CEST (UTC+2)




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