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using is a page of tools and services that someone uses or likes to use, or can also refer to the name of an authoring and/or publishing application in the context of a post, though that secondary meaning is more precisely expressed as giving credit to applications.

This page is primarily about the human-centric meaning of things in general that people use.

For "using APP-NAME" or other references to authoring/publishing/reading applications, see:

IndieWeb Examples

Other Examples

  • A discovery-based website of /uses pages detailing developer setups, gear, software and configs.
  • Everyday Carry is in this category, but with a strong male user focus as well as on knives, pens, phones, and gadgets.
  • Engadget (or historically started out as a sort of silo review site with inventories of things their users either wanted to acquire or were currently using.


started using

Tantek Çelik; If you posted about when you started using something (put it into regular use), and also when you stopped using something (perhaps related, was replaced by something you started using?) then you could automate building a "currently using" page like aaronpk's Such "started using" posts are essentially a form of strongly positive review. Perhaps a review with hashtag #using to start.

Chris Aldrich; Depending on the nature of the thing(s) one is using, one could also integrate want posts or acquisition posts into such a using list (or archive) via tags. Some of these using pages are more than simply using, but are a smaller subset of recommended items. Along these lines I'll note that there's a strong difference between the lists of, for example, podcasts I'm following and the listen posts I make of what I've actually listened to. The signal of what I've invested time in actively listening to is a stronger one than a list of what I'd like to listen to. The idea of having "skin in the game" can be a more valuable indicator.

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