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Indie events, RSVPs, invitations was a session at IndieWebCamp MIT 2016.

Archived notes from: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/events

2016-03-14 17:45 EDT




  • organizing events
  • participating in events
  • keeping track events I'm interested in
  • discovering cool new events
  • ...

Tantek ร‡elik:

Aaron Parecki:

  • event posts
  • event posts show RSVPs
  • RSVP posts to other events


Kyle Mahan used to have invitation posts (with Redwind) but he switched to Known which does not yet support them.


  • UI for creating events - aaronpk
  • Needs a UI for quickly creating events - aaronpk
  • having to enter name of the place, address, and latlong

Facebook examples of events:

Authoring events, priority of location information

  • name of location
  • or @-name of location, e.g. @MozSF, which links to its wiki page, which then has an h-card with address information
  • URL
  • Location - as a string, since you can copy/paste into a maps app, or location can be a virtual location


What does Known support for event creating?

What about cloning an existing event to make a new event?

  • calagator.org supports cloning events
  • Facebook has "Copy Event" in the "..." pop-up on an event permalink.

Invitation posts are interesting, but until we have more people accepting (and responding to?) homepage webmentions, they're not very useful.

Interesting Event display aspect of Facebook events: they show who *you know* is going, before everyone else

  • Indie event would have to access your friends list to see "who you know"
  • reading the event through a reader, the reader could have access to your friends list (since you indieauth'd in) and thus show RSVPs of people you know before other RSVPs

What about the comment thread on events? (e.g. on Facebook)

  • Facebook's deprioritization of the "Not going" button has made people reply "I am not going."
  • Comments have been useful for:
    • clarifications: can I bring kids? is there going to be food?
    • Posting photos of the event after the fact!
    • creates a virtual group among the people who went or were invited
    • aaronpk has a photobooth setup that posts photos directly to the FB event as comments on the event
      • enables people to person-tag themselves in the photos
    • if someone took minutes [at the event]
    • IRC log
    • documents that were published

Documenting event creation UIs:

and editing:

Event creation was somewhat dependent on having a post editing UI, to enable partial event creation then updating with details.

Private events - e.g. W3C AC meeting (next week)

  • or a small private dinner, where you need a count of RSVP for planning

Separate discussion: registration (e.g. paid) E.g. Facebook has a "tickets URL" to punt on it to some other site