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Attendee Introductions at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018 took place 2018-11-03.

Tantek Çelik

  • Tantek Çelik, http://tantek.com
  • Been posting since 2010, mostly text, occasionally photos
  • Many replies to places outside: Twitter, GitHub
  • Trying to post more and more things to his own site
  • Lots he could do better: e.g. there is no pagination
  • To go back in time, go to the last post on the homepage, and then press the back button to go one by one

Jeremy Keith

  • Jeremy Keith, https://adactio.com
  • Used to use delicious, magnolia, etc, but now has his own link section after learning his lesson
  • Notes get copied to his Twitter
  • Got a lot of small things added at IndieWebCamps
  • Shows his recent blogpost
  • https://adactio.com/journal/14452
  • It has the whole response from Peter (ruk.ca) under the article, made available by Webmentions
  • First name-drop of Bridgy, which gives him webmentions from Twitter to display
  • He still does replies on Twitter and other places, and would like to also start doing those from his own site

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki, https://aaronparecki.com
  • Posts all sort of things
  • Shows the litted “LED Display” on top of the site
  • aaronpk, shows the blue dot on his latest checkin, which shows that he is still at the location he has checked in to

Martijn van der Ven

Tiara Miller

  • Tiara Miller
  • restarted HWC in NYC
  • after attending the IWC there
  • Shows some posts on rootedfromnature.com
  • Wants to work on a more personal site to have next to that more formal business site

Marty McGuire

Joschi Kuphal

  • Joschi Kuphal, http://jkphl.is
  • Started 2014-01-01 for writing blog posts, got 6 of them
  • Shows webmentions creating comments on his articles
  • Are also pulled from other places: G+, or just a comment form on his site
  • Few weeks ago at IWC Nürnberg he built RSVP acceptance


  • http://julieannenoying.com
  • Displays a lot of photos, and puts a portfolio on top
  • Shows how Instagram likes are pulled into her websites copy of the galleries

David Shanske

  • David Shanske, https://david.shanske.com
  • Was using Swarm randomly yesterday to make sure it would work well with WordPress, as he is one of the big WP plugin developers
  • If you are already on WordPress, expect an update today
  • Shows a lot of interactions that can show up on WordPress posts
  • Syndication links. And recently: locations with maps

Ayden Férdeline

  • http://ferdeline.com
  • Ayden Férdeline, is here for policies. Intrigued by how much information some people are sharing on their pages

Jan Deppisch

  • http://netzartist.de
  • His impressum page is the most content he has on his website
  • Found he did not have the time for blogging
  • runs frontend-rheinmain.de
  • Wants to bring front-enders together on a bimonthly meeting


  • http://hag.codes
  • Started because she thought she should have a web presence
  • Not sure she wants to have the site as the blog it is right now, so will look at having something “different”

Jan Dinter

  • http://jandinter.net
  • His page does not have a lot of links, he took them away when he noticed he really didn’t keep using those external services
  • Wants to change away from the minimal content this weekend

Dylan Harris

  • http://dylanharris.org
  • Has an “old-school website”
  • petermolnar: points out it isn’t old-school as it does not have an under construction sign

Sebastian Dümcke

  • http://sam-d.com
  • re-designed his website 2 days ago, inspired by this event
  • Also noted that blogging is hard to keep up


  • Aleksandr, no own website but wants to show a project he is working on
  • https://my.cloudron-dev.syn.im
  • It is a service that will help you run your server and install “apps”
  • But apps here are things like WordPress, Ghost, Wallabag, etc. Web platforms
  • Showing a test install that is Mastodon, which is now packaged for the Cloudron platform
  • And will hopefully soon be on the app store

Peter Molnar

Calum Ryan

  • Calum Ryan, http://calumryan.com
  • Coming up to its 10 year anniversary
  • Recently upgraded the CSS
  • Was trying to pull in content from other places, but tries to get away from that so it goes the other way: from his website to other places
  • Recently updated checkin display because everyone keeps checking him in during events
  • Shows the different sections of his website for content creation, outside his homepage

Sven Knebel

  • Sven Knebel, http://svenknebel.de
  • Also been building the website mostly during IndieWebCamp events
  • 7th IWC, still some things he needs to work on
  • Using Micropub to his site, showing quill as a posting interface
  • Uses GitHub to login through IndieAuth.com
  • Fills in Quill, creates a demo post
  • This is how you can use external pieces without building everything yourself

Toni Mattis

  • http://toni.mattis.berlin
  • currently hosts his photos on Flickr, would like to start hosting that himself
  • Automatically deploys the website from git
  • Tries to do some URL hacking to show the markdown files behind the pages, but the Chromebook does not want to cooperate

Sebastian Greger

  • Sebastian Greger, http://sebastiangreger.net
  • Had the domain for 15 years
  • Site runs on WordPress
  • Thanks to GWG and pfefferle for the plugins
  • Focusing on workflow: want to encourage himself to collect things on his site
  • Shows his privacy challenge post which has many replies
  • Shows the reply-to-the-reply

Joel Purra

  • http://joelpurra.com
  • Several years ago he started pulling in data, wanted his site to be a “professional portal”
  • Pulls in all his programming projects from GitHub onto his site, with the number of stars they have, the programming language it uses, etc
  • Currently renders just the project README. But would like a way to have content around these projects
  • Turned away from blogging to code, but might be returning to blogging to give context to the code he is writing

David Rosson

  • http://rosson.com.au
  • There are really well-hidden links around there, not sure he remembers what exactly is on his page!
  • Ended up here by saying yes to things! :D


  • http://ohhelloana.blog
  • Been trying to blog more
  • Also does not have pagination (because does not have enough posts) but that could change!
  • Technical dificulties she wants to address this weekend


  • https://sonniesedge.co.uk
  • Was relying on many external services but wanted to bring them inhouse.
  • Changed from a static site generator that used those things to a Craft CMS based website
  • Used to have webmentions and likes on the page, but it is gone now that she deployed CraftCMS 3. The plugins aren’t there
  • Would be very happy with a PHP programmer that could help port over from the old version
  • Trying to post photos
  • Bringing her talks pages to Craft was a challenge, MarkDown didn’t do it for those long pages

Mike Riethmuller

  • http://madebymike.com.au
  • Been trying many SSGs, but not all his content feels like “pages” and all the SSGs seem to want a page per content thing

Amber Wilson



  • http://bjvicks.com
  • Project he wants to show: independent-collectors.com
  • Another project: stilinberlin.de
  • He worked on the stilinberlin.de/map
  • Gets a newsletter popup: “I didn’t do that”


  • http://axel.nennker.de -> redirect to ignisvulpis.blogspot.com
  • Community member on OpenID
  • Did Firefox addons for OpenID
  • And wonders about IndieAuth and why the community here decided to go with something new like that
  • New Firefox WebExtensions framework makes it hard to do some of the identity stuff he would like to do
  • Looking at DID Auth
  • From the “Rebooting the Web of Trust”
  • Also looking at WebAuthn for authentication, as it is build into browsers with an API


Dietrich Ayala

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