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Social Readers was a keynote by Aaron Parecki at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020.

Video: ▶️10:51s

Notes archived from chat.

Social Readers
by Aaron Parecki

  • Realized at one point he hadn't posted on Facebook in six months, worried people might have thought he died
  • Made a post on FB explaining that he doesn't post there anymore with links to his site
  • Liked Instagram, but mostly used it because he had a pipeline where ownyourgram posted his photos back to his site
  • They've locked down the API so that's not working as well (at all?)
  • Twitter isn't really fun anymore either. Random order with the algorithm, every tweetstorm ends with the "please unroll"
  • Thinks we can do something better.
  • Has been posting on his own site for a while. Which is great, but very different from using it every day as a social experience.
  • Integrated posting and reading experience had been missing in indieweb
  • In the past we had Google Reader. Was good at aggregating stuff around the web. Was still just one direction though
  • Shows Monocle
    • web-based application, responsive for desktop and mobile
    • there's a handful of others: Indigenous on iOS and Android and Together
  • Can log in to these readers and see the same content he has subscribed to
  • the list of feeds he's subscribed to lives on his site, e.g. via Aperture
  • The specificaiton for this is Microsub
  • Impelemented in WordPress, Drupal, Ekster, Dobrado, others
  • one of the building-blocks
  • Last night he got a Push notification from his site from Brian asking if the group was still at the restaurant
  • Aaron went to Monocle, typed in a reply and posted it. It was published on his site and a webmention sent to Brian
  • No silos involved in the interaction!
  • Highlights four of our principles:
    • Build things you will use yourself
    • UX and design before protocols
    • Modularity
    • Plurality of projects

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